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From eight years of customer development, Recognize provides many configurations of the programs. From peer recognition to anniversaries, the answer is now commonly yes when prospective companies ask of their customization needs.

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From birthday to 60 years of service

Service Anniversary customizations

Sixty years of service? Yep! We cover every base with Recognize anniversaries. Choose to make them monetary or non-monetary. Customize the graphics, the email subject, and more.

Preprogram configurations for Recognize

Program Enabled

Recognize can be set so the program itself isn’t running. This prevents anniversaries to go out before the program has started.

Program settings around profiles and inviting in Recognize

Sign up control

Complementary settings include disabling sign ups or remove inviting. This is especially useful during trials.

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Recognition message controls around GIFs or images

Recognition message control

Recognize’s recognition message editor allows for formatting, such as bold or italic, but also linking to files, adding images, or adding a PG-rated GIF video.

Every company is different and that’s why we have settings for all the controls.

Nomination settings in Recognize such as message requirement or winning frequency

Nomination settings

The Recognize Nominations has a few settings for controlling how many times you can win in a year or if managers can elevate recognitions to become nominations.

Incentive settings for enabling or making points redeemable

Incentive task settings

Tasks are a great way for employees to report things they have accomplished. Choose whether those points they earn are redeemable for rewards or not in the Recognize Settings.

Leaderboard settings, such as if team leaderboards should show or overall best.

Leaderboard settings

Company leaderboards are a fun way to create competition between individuals or groups. To be sensitive to different needs of our customers, we have a number of settings for the employee recognition leaderboards. One is around top employees and whether there should be an overall leaderboard for that.

Rewards settings

Company admins can choose of the employees can redeem gift cards automatically.

We believe that employees earn this privilege and that it is not a right in a recognition program. If your employees have shown respect and your leaders launched the program without being entirely focused on only rewards, we believe you can enable this without issue.

Getting a Starbucks card in line at Starbucks on the Recognize mobile app is pretty sweet.

Enabling user sync with Google or Microsoft

Partner integration settings

Recognize provides integrations into many other large technology companies. Over the years we’ve learned of a number of settings that help companies with these integrations.

Point interval setting with time frame drop down menu

Point interval settings

Recognize breaks points into time-based intervals, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly. This allows employees to see their progress compared to everyone else equally. Of course, you can always see total points and this does not affect redeemable points for rewards.

Manager engagement settings

Recognize sends emails to managers on the engagement of their team. Further, Recognize emails admins about the engagement of managers. Admins can enable or disable these interval-based emails.

Manager notification settings

Managers can receive a number of notifications about direct reports. Admins can by default turn these off for all managers.

Language + timezone settings

Set a default timezone for notifications and when time-based intervals start and stop.

Set the default language for the entire organization. Individuals can change their language in their settings.

Rewards control

Recognize admins have complete control over their rewards across countries and types of rewards, including gift cards and company fulfilled rewards.

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