Increase Productivity with Recognize and MS Teams

Staff don't have to leave Microsoft Teams to use Recognize. If staff find it easy to access, they will actually use it.


Build a Better Culture inside Microsoft Teams

Leaders love that Recognize takes company values from something on a paper in an employee handbook into a living and breathing way of working for your staff. See those moments in Teams.

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A Rewards Program Your Staff Will Actually Use

Thousands of gift cards, bring your own swag provider, and Amazon Business all two clicks away from anywhere inside Microsoft Teams.

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Company Leaders Run Reports & Track Progress

Recognize in Microsoft Teams isn't just for the employees. Managers and Admins can view when they last time someone was recognized, like a direct report, or run financial reports on the rewards as an admin.

2018 & 2019 Stevie Winner for Total Rewards Provider

Recognize is inside also Outlook and Sharepoint

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Staff rewards from Microsoft Teams

Recognize provides hundreds of gift card rewards at the brands your staff want. Rewards can be auto-approved or approval at redemption time. Contact us to learn the latest reward feature set.

Employee Rewards
Staff redeem gift cards in Microsoft Teams from vendors like Amazon, Visa, or Starbucks.

Enable managers to give on-the-spot bonuses in a Microsoft Teams tab

Give managers an easy way to give bonuses right when good work is done. Staff can take the recognitions they earn and choose rewards from over 3,000+ vendors. Staff can also choose from items you offer. Enter the inventory

Promote & gain insight into your company values

Add your company value architypes in the form of badges, including images, descriptions, titles, points, limits, roles, and more. See top performers across time and value. Managers can see their direct reports top badges.

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Plug-n-Play for Microsoft Teams

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Drive non-monetary daily recognition in Microsoft Teams

Promote company values and staff accomplishments first and foremost. Through status, access, and power, companies can drive motivation through non-monetary strategies.

Automate service anniversary & rewards in Teams as your company grows

Employee recognition badges

Offer staff rewards your company provides

Paid vacation for the family, dinner for two, or just the afternoon off.

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Recognize & get back to work

Staff need their core tools in one place. Being in Teams, Outlook, & Sharepoint accomplishes that.

Engage your company and your culture in Microsoft Teams

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