Recognize Videos

  • How to Create a Manager-Driven Employee Recognition and Rewards Program

    Utilize Recognize App to enable managers to be reminded to and budgeted to send monetary recognition to their direct reports. This strategy provides an avenue for employees to give non-monetary recognition. Redeem the points for gift card and Amazon. All of which is available inside Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Slack, and Workplace by Meta.

  • How to Create a Micro-Bonus Employee Recognition Program with Recognize App

    Micro-bonus is a strategy to deploy for companies looking to provide a way to give out points but don’t have a lot of time to manage or budget to provide. This program allows for people to recognize and reward without much overhead or oversight. Allow staff to give out $1-5/mo to their team, while still rallying behind ideal behaviors or company values. Great for busy HR or Organizational Development teams with many responsibilities to fulfill.

  • Recognize Feature Spotlight Webinar - How to Budget with Points & More

    Recognize CEO, Alex Grande, goes through how to set a budget for how many points are distributed in a given time period. Also, how to set up dynamic permissions using job title, country, and more for giving out employee recognition badges or access to staff reward catalogs.

  • Company Values in an Employee Recognition Program Webinar

    Learn from Recognize’s employee recognition expert Beca Caldwell on how to incorporate your company values into a modern employee recognition strategy. Learn tips on how to best engage your staff while helping them internalize and promote the organizational values.

  • Employee Net Promoter Score

    A preview into what is coming at Recognize this year: an employee net promoter score survey tool.

  • Airline Employee Recognition Demo

    How airlines can be successful in employee recognition & rewards with Recognize. This includes pilots, ground crew, flight attendants and staff, gate crew, and the back office. Recognize provides custom rewards, challenges, and badges to fit into the needs of most airlines.

  • Century Commercial Services Customer Interviews

    Interviews with Century Commercial Services on how they have been utilizing Recognize for employee rewards and recognition.

  • Approving or Denying Tasks as a Manager

  • Recognize in Microsoft Teams Fall 2022

    The employee recognition & rewards platform is in Microsoft Teams. See how admins can post recognitions automatically to Team Channels. Plus, they can make it super easy for employees to send recognition or redeem rewards. Admins and managers can administer Recognize without leaving Microsoft Teams.

  • Announcements in Recognize

    Learn how a company admin can enable and create announcements to broadcast messages to their company via Post pinned messages to the pain feed of Recognize, email staff, and/or send staff SMS. Companies use this to announce new features, badges, rewards, or abilities you’ve created in Recognize and beyond.

  • Gallup CliftonStrength Theme Badges

    Implement a tried and truth process into your peer recognition program with the Gallup CliftonStrength Themes as badges in the Recognize platform.

  • Recognize Overview

    Recognize created a promotional video to give people an overview idea of the essence of what Recognize does for companies.

  • Recognize Demo Teaser 2021

    A 5min demo showing the free and paid resources Recognize provides to drive better company culture.

  • Overview of Recognize Company Admin

    How Administrators of the Recognize employee recognition and rewards platform can log in and get onboarded.

  • Recognize Demo 2020

    Recognize is an employee recognition & rewards program integrated into the tools you already use. Apps like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Azure, Workplace by Facebook, iOS, Android, and more.


  • How to add Recognize to the personal view and tabs in Microsoft Teams

    How to access and pin Recognize to the personal tab.

  • How to add Recognize to Sharepoint

    It is super easy to add Recognize to all of the tools inside Office 365. In Sharepoint, Recognize is a web part that can be added on any page. It can be a full width experience or a side panel. The video goes through how to create both.

  • Mobile app demo Spring 2020

    A short video showing how an employee would use the employee recognition mobile app by Recognize.

  • Employee recognition & rewards in Workplace by Facebook With Recognize

    The Recognize employee recognition and rewards platform showcases its integration into Workplace by Facebook.

    In Workplace, staff can:

    + Send peer or leader recognition
    + Send social or public recognition
    + Privately nominate someone for a monthly, quarterly, or yearly award
    + Receive years of service recognition or birthday recognition automatically
    + Submit tasks or activities configured by the admins for points
    + Review dashboards for managers or admins
    + Redeem rewards such as international gift cards or company-fulfilled items
    + Check out your profile, your colleague's profiles, or your colleague's direct report's profiles

  • Choosing an enterprise social collaboration tool for remote employees

    Colocated, work from home, or remote workers need tools to collaborate. Here is a look at Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and Microsoft Teams as choices for business collaboration. I look at the features and pricing. Plus, considering the employee recognition and rewards options for all three. Contact for more information.

  • How to engage employees who work from home with employee recognition and rewards inside Office 365.

    All companies can benefit from online collaboration tools that help engage remote employees who work from home (WFH). Adding an employee recognition and rewards tool like Recognize ( to your existing workflow, such as Outlook, or Sharepoint makes getting started fast and easy. Contact Recognize for a demo -

  • Using the Recognize composer to add GIFs, images, and links and how to disable those features

    Using the Recognize composer to add GIFs, images, and links to messages and how to disable those features.

  • Recognizing staff for infection prevention initiatives and rewarding with gift cards in Sharepoint.

    Use positive affirmations to promote hand hygiene and other infection prevention programs inside Sharepoint. The platform allows for customizable employee recognition badges. These badges can symbolize washing hands, eating healthy, or drinking water. Staff can even report taking zinc or specific activities through the Recognize Incentives - Learn more about the Sharepoint integrations at This is especially important right now (as of this writing) for the coronavirus and healthcare organizations.

  • Viewing employee anniversaries for managers and admins in Recognize

    This video demonstrates how to view direct reports' anniversaries as a manager and how to view anniversaries across the organization as an admin.

  • Viewing employee engagement data in Recognize

    View the employee recognition, incentives, and social data points of your groups, countries, departments, or roles in the Company Admin.

  • How Staff Can Complete Activities in Workplace by Facebook to Earn Points

    Using the Incentives, employees can complete activities or tasks inside Workplace by Facebook mobile app or desktop app. From there, managers are notified to approve or deny the list of tasks. These incentives can be worth points that staff can redeem in a rewards catalog of gift cards and company items. Admins can showcase who has earned points in the Leaderboards. All of this is accessible inside the Workplace by Facebook.

  • Sync users from Yammer to Recognize

    Never worry about managing your users again with the Yammer user sync from

  • Setting up an employee anniversary program in Recognize -