Enhancing Microsoft 365 with Company Culture

Recognize isn't another website. Recognize is inside your Microsoft 365 suite. Create a high-performant culture with automated software. Recognize provides social employee recognition, international rewards with Amazon, swag, or gift cards, and and engagement surveys.

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Recognize is available on Microsoft Teams mobile and desktops.

Make Office 365 the hub for employee engagement

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    Recognize Provides a daily or weekly sync to Azure Active Directory. This enables your company to automatically add and remove employees.

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    Recognize MS Teams integration brings recognition and rewards to your main communication tool.

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    Recognize outlook integration super charges Outlook into an employee engagement platform.

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    Recognize sharepoint app can be a side panel or full screen experience inside sharepoint.

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    Recognize Yammer integration uses a browser integration for Chrome and Edge to put Recognize inside Yammer.

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Peter Philips, Recognize

Peter Philips, Recognize CTO

Microsoft Tutorial: Azure Active Directory Integration with Recognize

It motivates people to try there best, and to work harder. It's been an amazing new idea!

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Recognize Microsoft integrations are included in all subscriptions

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