10 Affordable & Creative Employee Appreciation Week Ideas for 2022

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employee appreciation week ideas

Your employees are the backbone of your company’s growth and it’s essential for you to appreciate them to keep them motivated. This will not only motivate your employees to give their best performances but will also ensure the overall growth of your company. 

Staff appreciation weeks are essential because it motivates your employees to stay more committed to your company or organization and they even feel valued for their efforts. This automatically creates loyalty and commitment towards your company, and this will also help your company to make more business and stay up to the game. 

So, in this blog post, you’ll know about some of the best employee appreciation ideas for both large and small companies that can help your employees and businesses to grow simultaneously.

How to Effectively Employ Appreciation Techniques

Here, in this section, we’ve shortlisted some of the best and most effective employee appreciation week ideas that can surely please your employees. 

Pamper Your Employees

Employee recognition is a chance to reward your staff for their hard work. Hire a masseuse, a chiropractor, or even a mindfulness or sleep coach that can also help your employees reduce stress. These activities promote employee wellbeing and help everyone to stay relaxed and calm in complicated situations.

Give Fun Awards to Your Employees

Fun rewards play a vital role in encouraging your employees to stay up to their game. 

Ensure that you come up with some unique rewards like recognition master, coaching champion, motivational speaker, and many more. 

Workplace inclusion, teamwork, and fundamental values can all be emphasized in these recognition awards. Make sure each award is unique, making each of your employees feel appreciated.

Treats and Feasts Can be an Effective Way to Show You Care

Everyone loves treats and feasts, especially if it’s a lunch treat from their HOD (Heads of Departments) or managers. You can always consider catering a dinner, surprise the employees with some great snacks, or even take them out for coffee. You can also promote “healthy diets”  by delivering tasty healthy treats or visiting a restaurant that offers healthy options.

A Simple “Thank You” is an Effective Appreciation Idea

One of the best “no investment recognition” is giving a simple “thank you.” 

Thanking your dedicated and hard-working employees can have a huge impact on their engagement, productivity, and retention. With real-time and frequent employee recognition, your employees will feel as if every day is an appreciation day for them. 

You can also take the help of your assistant manager to develop an employee recognition day. This will ensure a perfect employee appreciation program for your committed employees. 

Recognize Small or Major Victories and Achievements

Most employees and managers think achieving sales targets, releasing a new product, or even handling difficult clients are the most important reasons to celebrate. 

However, practicing frequent appreciation and recognition for little wins might also be a pleasant surprise for your entire team. 

As a team leader, you should recognize and appreciate both huge and small victories.  You can use the company’s website, newsletter, social media platforms, and company meeting platforms to show your gratitude for your employee’s dedication.

Give Importance to Recognition Programs

Employee Appreciation Day is the best day to declare a recognition program. A complete recognition and incentives platform encourages frequent and genuine colleague recognition. 

Your platform’s user interface must be simple and convenient to use. Moreover, a mobile-friendly platform is essential for companies with field employees.

You can also make these recognition programs interesting by letting your employees choose their own prizes, and that’s one of the best employee appreciation event ideas. This will not only reduce the extra cost but you’ll be sure that your employees appreciate what they get as a reward. 

Take Employee Suggestions of How They Want to be Recognized 

Collecting employee input isn’t enough; your company must act on it! Making modifications that employees want will reassure them that their input matters and that your organization is flexible. This will eventually encourage more employees to give feedback and be recognized.

Have you ever asked your staff how they want to be recognized? Give your staff a voice by collecting feedback using pulse surveys and always-on feedback channels. Surveying employees about their preferred forms of appreciation will ensure that your efforts are appreciated.

Provide Work-Life Balance

Team members or employees who have time for friends and family tend to stay more productive and engaged. Moreover, allowing employees to have a life outside of work helps them to prevent burnout. 

Compromise with your employees’ schedules and try to adjust their leaves. This is because the employees with children may wish to depart or arrive early. Others with extracurricular activities may wish to work for four days instead of five. 

Moreover, you can also grant extra half-day leave to help them maintain a better and effective work-life balance.

Give Time for Mindfulness and Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are the keys to a healthy work environment. Research has found that employees who were stressed and depressed with work found productivity and peace when they use mindfulness as a way to improve their health. 

Moreover, mindfulness can help employees solve problems, adapt to changes, learn new things, and have more empathy for other employees. 

Employee appreciation and recognition day is a good way to start setting aside time during the workday for meditation.

You can also encourage your employees to regularly meditate and practice staying calm and relaxed. This will help them to be more productive and engaged during work.

Give Continuous Learning Support

Continuous learning and training sessions are a must if you want to build an effective and high-performing workforce among your employees. 

Then, on an employee appreciation day, offer free continuing special education courses that are relevant to your employee’s position or hobbies. Recognize the employees who use these classes to keep them updated and stay up to the game. 

Bottom Line

Employees are the main pieces of your company and they are the ones who can take your business to the peak to stay firm and strong in the industry. However, to ensure that your employees are up to the game, you need to make sure that you keep them motivated and engaged through recognition and appreciation.

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