10 Creative Funny Award Names for Employee Recognition

funny award names for employee recognition

Have you ever considered choosing funny award names for employee recognition? Funny award names can encourage your employees to be more creative and stay engaged in the workplace. However, not everyone is aware of where to begin.

Funny award names are critical in identifying your team’s area of creativity. You can also say that it is more about the department’s and employees’ identity. This not only boosts their morale but even improves workplace engagement.

Here in this blog post, you’ll know the top 10 funny award names for employee retention

10 Best Funny Award Names for Employee Recognition

In this section, you’ll know about the top 10 best funny award names for your employees’ recognition and increase the overall performance of your employees. 

1. The DJ of the Company Award

This award is for that employee who can always present you with some amazing playlist of songs appropriate for workplace events, whether it’s an office party or even a workplace break time. 

Moreover, you can also award this to employees who know music mixing or even can do beatbox. No matter what kind of music knowledge they have you can present this award to them. However, try not to give this award to someone who has a beautiful singing voice as DJ and singing are not the same.  

2. The Walking Encyclopedia Award

This is one of the most interesting and creative award names that you can present to your knowledgeable employees. The walking encyclopedia award can indeed make your intellect and knowledgeable employees feel more appreciated and this will help them to acquire more knowledge so that they can serve your company better and come up with ideas that can help their departments and the company stay in profit. 

3. The Comedian Award

You can present this award to those employees who have a natural sense of humor and can bring a smile to everyone’s face no matter how intense the situation might be. 

These employees have a spark in the workplace and they can lighten up everyone with laughter during office breaks. In short, the workplace seems empty without their presence. 

So, recognizing them with this award can surely make them feel valued and they tend to be more committed to the company. 

4. The Busy One Award

This award is perfect for those employees who are always focused and busy with their work. You can always see them staying on their laptops and attending meetings, continuously working hard for growing the company. 

So, recognizing them with this award can surely boost their morale to perform better and give their best for the company. 

5. The Bugatti Award

If you are a sports car fan then you must know that Bugatti is the world’s fastest car. So, you can also recognize your fast and punctual employees with this award. 

This award is suitable for those employees who accomplish all the tasks work pretty fast and even do them with accuracy and effectiveness. So, recognizing them with this award can indeed make them feel valued for their work and stay motivated to perform better. 

6. The Taskmaster 

Shout out to those dedicated employees who can handle any kind of task no matter how complicated it is without making any mistakes. 

It doesn’t matter at what time or what kind of work these employees are always there to cover your back. So, recognizing them with this fun award can indeed make them feel very valued and they would even enjoy more to carry out their tasks. 

7. Mr.Cool Award

You’ll always find at least one employee who’s always calm no matter how complicated the situation might be. Moreover, they are the ones who come up with effective solutions and backup plans. 

They can also tackle any kind of difficulties and can act according to the situation and face any difficulties without even making a complaint. So, for such employees, this name would be perfect. This recognition will also increase their morale to be better in their work and stay committed to the company. 

8. The Morning Bird Award

This fun name is best suited for those employees who are never late at their work. No matter what happens, they are always on time. Even such employees tend to come at least 5 to 10 minutes early if the weather is not favorable. 

You’ll never hear any excuses and they also tend to be very punctual at work as well. So, recognizing them with this name would be perfectly suitable. These small recognitions will only encourage your employees to be more punctual and active with their work. 

9. The Thinker Award

This award is perfect for those employees who are really good at coming up with new ideas and can think of new strategies to bring benefits to the department as well as the company. 

Recognizing your employees with this award will boost their morale and even help them to stay more committed to the company. Moreover, they will also have a mindset to bring the best out of them in every task they get. 

10. The Coffeeholic

This funny award title idea can be presented to the employees who are always on coffee whether it be during work or even when they are on breaks. 

It can be an interesting award to those employees who can miss their breakfast but not the first cup of coffee. This award has an interesting sense of humor itself and your coffee addict employee would love it. 

Why is it a Good Idea to Use Funny Employee Recognition Names?

A cheerful event using these funny employee award titles will ensure that your team members have the best experience possible in the workplace. 

After long hours of effort, numerous deadlines, and stressful times, your staff deserves these priceless moments and a title that is uniquely theirs.

This not only raises staff energy but also your company’s total production. The good energy is impeccably clean here!

Bottom Line

Funny award names for employee recognition can be one of the most interesting ways to recognize your employees for their hard work and efforts for your company or agency. Employees play the most important role in helping you grow your business. So, these creative award titles for employees can be one of the most effective ways to make your employees feel appreciated and valued for their dedication and efforts.


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