Webinar: Company Culture Management

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A summary of content in the webinar on managing company culture. What should you consider when choosing a vendor.

More information as the date of the webinar approaches.

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Staying Organized

  • Vendor management: Recording the initiatives of your company and the partners you hire.
  • Don’t let this only be the CFO’s job.
  • People come and go, but the projects don’t.
  • Keeping track of the vendors in a procurement process.

Planning Ahead

  • Where do you want your employee engagement programs to go?
  • Start small and grow
  • Do you have partners that support your long-term vision? Are they providing advice on how to accomplish that?

Things You Know to Consider

  • Points & budgeting
  • Inclusivity
  • Integrations
  • Nudges
  • Cost structures
  • Permissions
  • Support
  • Cost structure

Things you May Not Know to Consider

  • Approval processes
  • Customizations
  • Artificial limitations
  • Ongoing training
  • User management
  • Security
  • Only non-monetary.

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