User Sync

Recognize can dynamically add and remove employees based on data automatically uploaded to Recognize from Azure AD, Workday, or sFTP.

Recognize user sync

Configurable User Sync

Recognize has been adding more and more features to the user sync since we introduced it in 2013. Companies love the fact that they can add Office 365 Azure user sync without having to manually upload user data, such as manager or hire data.

Active Directory

Azure Active Directory

Recognize is in the Azure app store to provide cloud-based connection to your behind the firewall Active Directory.

Workday logo

Workday support

Recognize supports user sync with Workday. Due to Workday’s configurable interface, it may require special setup and additional cost.

Once enabled, you’ll never need to worry about user information being up to date in Recognize.

sFTP logo

Secure FTP support

Send user data to Recognize on a nightly or weekly basis using sFTP. Many IT teams have already set this up already with other third party tools. Do the same with Recognize!

How recognize is tied together between Zapier, API, Sharepoint, user sync.

Tying it all together

User sync is just one part of the overall connection of Recognize to other tools.

Using the Zapier platform, Recognize connects with other 2,000 tools. Contact us to learn more.


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