Employee Recognition Platform for Outlook

Recognize is the first employee recognition platform inside Outlook.

  • Send recognition with value badges and redeemable points.
  • Give rewards, such as a Starbucks gift card or an on-site massage.
  • View badges staff have received.
  • All recognitions propagate to MS Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer, and more.
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Screenshot of Recognize inside Outlook message where it pulls in the recipients of an email and allows the user to send a recognition or reward

Engage Outlook users from their home office

Promowanie wartości firmy usprawnia proces podejmowania decyzji przez pracowników poprzez identyfikację pracowników. Rówieśnicy przesyłają sobie wzajemnie uznanie wokół wartości. Dodaj punkty lub nagrody do odznak.

Microsoft Outlook showing a window of employee rewards to redeem, such as Amazon gift card or donation to American Cancer Society.

Redeem rewards from Outlook

With two clicks from the Home tab, staff can access the Recognize employee recognition platform rewards catalog. This can include gift cards Recognize provides and/or company-fulfilled rewards. Company-fulfilled rewards are also available in Outlook. Employees redeem any item you can think of, such as dinner for two, vacation, or house cleaning.

View Recognize rewards

Send social recognition from the Outlook composer

Automatically recognize the recipients of an email your staff are composing. This makes change management very easy. Instruct your staff, if you are saying thanks or showing appreciation, click 'Send Recognition'. It is that easy!

Recognize cares a lot about security. We do not sell or collect any data unless absolutely necessary for the sole purpose of running the best international employee recognition program on the market. Contact us to learn more.

The Outlook composer sending a recognition to the email recipients.
The Outlook composer sending a recognition to the email recipients.

Collaborate across groups on the success of your company

Staff can comment, like, and recognize staff from the Home tab of MS Outlook. Admins can search comments and remove comments for content control. Managers are notified via push notification or email of staff recognitions and activity. We've got everyone covered.

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Administer from Outlook

The Outlook app isn't just for staff and managers. The app allows access to the Company Admin to run reports on rewards and recognitions. Configure your entire off-the-shelf recognition program from Outlook.

The Outlook composer sending a recognition to the email recipients.
The Outlook composer sending a recognition to the email recipients.

IT setup in <60min

Since Recognize is in the Office 365 app stores, that means it is a standard process to install the Outlook app, Azure, Sharepoint, Teams, or Yammer. Check out our Resources for integration and technology documents.

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Use case

Manager recognition from Outlook Composer

Set Up

  1. Make sure your company admin has installed the Recognize Outlook app from the Microsoft App Store.

    If you haven’t already, you’ll want to purchase any subscription from Recognize to customize the employee recognition, rewards, and manager data.

    Office 365
  2. Once installed, open the new email composer in Outlook

    There will be an icon on the right side of the new email composer to send a recognition to the recipients of the email.

    Outlook new email composer
  3. Add recipients to the email

    Add a few emails of people in your company to the email.

  4. Send a recognition

    Choose a badge that symbolizes the company values exhibited by the direct report. From there, the manager can always check out their manager reports at Recognizeapp.com.

    Outlook send recognition

Recognize pays for itself. And then some.

9 out of 10 employees agree, Recognize increases staff retention and employee satisfaction. Plus, automated employee recognition frees up cycles for HR.

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