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Accelerating Company Culture For a Expanding Hybrid Technology Company

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Dev.Pro specializes in point of sale terminal software. Aside from their specialty in the IT industry, they are a leader in employee culture utilizing Recognize. At Dev.Pro, they believe the ability to thank staff helps create a healthy emotional atmosphere. They’ve built a culture of gratitude through regular practice. Ultimately, Dev.Pro has created a space where specialists can celebrate the achievements of their colleagues.

Recognitions sent first year
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Technology Company
Ukraine, USA, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, Brazil, Kazakhstan

Dev.Pro History

As a ten year old business, Dev.Pro actually found themselves initially struggling to efficiently recognize achievements and in turn increase employee engagement, facing challenges common among modern companies. For instance, they had many events to celebrate, still they lacked time and resources. With the onset of the pandemic, newcomers needed help adapting to remote working conditions while still feeling connected to peers, and a solution was needed for better cross-team communication. As an end result, they wanted to be able to unite their remote workforce, increase employee loyalty and happiness, streamline rewards processes and options, and promote their values of communication, reliability, openness, and education.

The Case for Moving to Recognize

With a worldly workforce, mostly located in Ukraine, Dev.Pro needed a solution for recognition that allowed their users to have a more personal recognition journey. One of their biggest challenges was in delighting employees with Rewards. They used to send gifts which were received differently by different people (some liked them, some didn't).

Dev.Pro quickly realized that Recognize would solve this problem, allowing specialists to choose the Rewards that made them feel most recognized and appreciated. This made for a more meaningful recognition experience, and a greater chance to reinforce positive behaviors. With Recognize’s ease of use, Dev.Pro found that they were able to recognize users in many different ways, and quickly. For example, they’ve hosted incentives around blood donation drives, vaccination drives, and a host of other bright ideas that come on the fly. Their admins find that they are able to quickly create these initiatives in Recognize, and that they are wildly successful, creating both excitement for more through gamification, and an observed increase in employee engagement. To keep things interesting and appease user interest, they add new gifts to the platform frequently.

Noted a positive team atmosphere. (Annual Company Survey)
Reported feeling valued by the company. (Annual Company survey)
Of Dev.Pro contractors use Recognize. (Recognize User Data)
This is love at first sight. Sometimes a simple ‘Thank you’ doesn't seem enough. Right at these moments, Recognize App comes in handy. Firstly, it is very convenient. Go to the Recognize page, choose the right person and the badge you want to send, write a message and click the ‘Recognize’ button. What can be easier?

Secondly, such a way of gratitude for the help, productive work or whatever, allows you to exchange points received for badges, for great attributes. Thirdly, gamification is our everything! Collecting points, receiving badges and exchanging them for various attributes - it's like a gameplay that draws people in.
Developer @ Dev.Pro

Dev.Pro's Recognition Program Summary

They have shown to be leaders in recognition through a comprehensive set of values along with impressive first-year stats.

Dev.Pro's engagement system where they had 48 values in a grid ranging from Wellness to Thank you to 'Scooby Doo'

The Results

Today, 96% of Dev.Pro contractors use Recognize. On average, a contractor sends 6 “Thank You” badges to their colleagues each month. The company’s eNPS scores have also gone up 17.07% since implementation of Recognize.

The results were almost immediate - three months after launching Recognize, there was a noticeable difference! Dev.Pro reports that employees are very engaged, and feedback is positive. Not to mention, they were able to optimize the cost of sending Rewards by 15%. To keep recognition top of mind, and reinforce a top-down approach, company admins look at Manager reports frequently and share them with Managers.

Badge examples

  • COVID Vaccination
  • Blood Donation
  • Chess Tournament
  • Wellness Marathons
  • Promotion
  • Mentoring
  • Certification
  • PR Brand: speaking, articles, posts
This is an interesting idea. In general - of course it's nice to receive ‘Recognition’ from colleagues, as well as to share. Especially, for some situations that you have already forgotten (helped someone with something).

You realize that you are not doing your tasks in vain.
Financial Specialist @ Dev.Pro

Employee Engagement Index (eNPS) Before & After Recognize

Following Graph shows that when they added Recognize their eNPS went up by 17.1%.

Graph showing that after adding Recognize to Dev.Pro's stack the company saw their net promoter improve from 41.7% to 58.8%.
I like the application, and I use it actively! A great way to say, "thank you" to your colleagues. Developer @ Dev.Pro

In Summary

In summary, Dev.Pro loves Recognize because it’s an easy-to-use tool that enables the company to promote their values in a gamified way. The use of the platform has allowed them to quickly automate many processes that were very time-consuming and often not as powerful before. Moving to Recognize helped specialists quickly adapt to remote work where 95% of employees note a positive team atmosphere. 85% of specialists reported feeling their value to the company in their annual survey – a key indicator that has increased by 13% over the course of their first year using Recognize. Lastly, they’ve reported greater recognition engagement from managers – indicating a shift in active participation growth from 70% to 87% from one year to the next.

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