Best Employee Engagement Apps in 2021

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Employee engagement is really important when it comes to achieving desired success and growth for the company. It is also paramount for upholding the core values and work culture of the company. With employee engagement apps, you can achieve this with ease.

When the employees of a company are highly engaged with the workplace and their work, their productivity gets highly increased. They try to work harder and put in more effort for the company. As a result, the company experiences better results and profits, and also it manages to achieve its desired growth. Employee loyalty also gets increased, so employee retention rate also increases.

That’s why it is really important to have a proper and functioning employee engagement program at your company. You can try implementing one in many different ways, and in doing so, you can get assistance from different apps. There are various apps that you can use to increase the engagement of your employees. These apps take care of different specific things that are important for your employee recognition program. 

In this article, we will look into apps that can be really helpful for implementing a proper employee engagement program in your workplace.

Proper Ways of Tracking Engagement

You might face problems in getting your employees engaged, especially the remote ones. However, you should know that you can have a huge advantage while tracking the engagement of your remote or partially remote employees.

As your remote employees have already gotten used to various apps and digital platforms for communication to get usual tasks done, it can be really convenient to include another platform or app in the mix to track their engagement. Also, you can try tracking what they are up to by using the platforms you already use. 

Here are some ways you can properly track the engagement of your employees-

  • You can try tracking the virtual chats, video calls, or meetings and their number over time in the communication platforms your employees use. You might even try having team-building activities virtually at times. 
  • You can try choosing a consistent method for recognition, and count how many of your employees decide to share shoutouts for their coworkers.
  • You can also try sending monthly surveys with some key questions, such as “how connected are you feeling with your coworkers and the company?”

No matter whatever way you choose, you’ll need to have consistency in the tracking process and keep doing it for a long time. The very same metrics are needed to be measured over time for getting accurate measurements, by using the methods or survey questions. It will help you get whatever’s going on in the company. 

Also, remember that there’s no need to do all the things at once. It might feel compelling to start the tracking of employee engagement in your workplace, but you might get your team confused if a number of different and new apps are used simultaneously. They might get confused about which one to give importance to, and they might not want to bother to go over the same stuff over and over across multiple surveys. 

That’s why it’s better for you if you stick to a small number of methods that will help you track the specific metrics that matter the most. It won’t overload your employees. Also, you will be able to add the following app you want to use within a short time and build up a well-rounded program for employee engagement over time. 

Types of Engagement Apps You Can Use

When it comes to employee engagement apps, most people first think of employee survey apps. This happens as companies using surveys for measuring engagement experience a higher score of at least 20% in their employee engagement than the ones that don’t. 

When employee surveys are conducted properly, it makes the employees feel that the company cares about employee engagement a lot, and they feel a lot more connected to the workplace. Also, companies with employee engagement programs prioritize the use of employee surveys.

Conducting surveys is a significant way to understand what’s going on with the team, and also understand the ways of forming habits of effective teamwork. However, that’s only a single type of app for employee engagement. When you are thinking of using an employee engagement application to measure employee engagement in your workplace, as well as empower it, you’ll need to have a better view of how employee engagement should look in a workplace, doesn’t matter if it’s remote or physical. Businesses with a highly engaged workforce have a higher profitability rate of 21% than the ones that don’t. 

Employee engagement apps can be of different types. Apps that will help you to keep the employees connected in the workplace, platforms that will allow the employees to recognize the performance and hard work of each other, or will work as a background tool to track various data, etc. all can be different employee engagement app types. You can combine different types of engagement apps to form a proper and effective system for your employee engagement program. 

You can go for these types of apps for employee engagement- 

  • Recognition Apps
  • Feedback Apps
  • Communication Apps
  • Data Collection Apps

Recognition App: Recognize

It is really important to celebrate the hard work, efforts, good performance, and accomplishments of the team members. When the efforts, hard work, and achievements of an employee get recognized by the higher management of the company, they get more engaged with the company and their work. 

Also, when you recognize your employees, they feel motivated to do better on the job. Other employees also feel motivated to do better so that they can get recognition as well. This gets them highly engaged with their work and the workplace as well. Taking help from a recognition-based app can be really helpful in this regard. If you put a recognition app into the mix for your employee engagement program, it will help you recognize the efforts of your employees, and provide them with proper recognition and rewards.

Recognizeapp is one of the best employee engagement apps that can help you with recognizing your employees properly. It helps to provide employees with rewards and recognition conveniently. It also helps to put manager and peer-to-peer recognition into motion. Staff leaderboard, employee award certificates, employee hall of fame, etc. many features are provided by this app.

With this app, you will be able to have a proper recognition system in the office, which in turn will help you highly with your employee engagement program.

Feedback App: 15five

Surveys can be said to be the base of programs for employee engagement. Employee engagement can increase a lot even by asking for just simple feedback from the employees through a survey. 

To properly create surveys, then allocate them, and also track results, it is really crucial to use a good app for employee feedback. You can go for the 15five app for this purpose.

Using this app will provide you with the chance to regularly check on the employees. It might seem a bit too much, but you can see in the app’s name that this won’t take up much of your or your employees’ time. The 15 in the name means it only takes 15 minutes for your employees to take this survey, and the five in the name means that it will only take five minutes for your managers to review the survey. 

These are not anonymous surveys, as these surveys have specifically been designed for initiating communication between the employees and their managers and drawing out important and helpful feedback that’s needed for the betterment of the workplace. 

Feedback questions can be customized for different situations, and you can also select from the database of 15five to find research-based questions to make the feedback process more effective. The option of entering numerical ratings is also available in this app, which can provide you with quantitative information to work with.

Communication App: Ring Central

Managers typically might not think of communication apps while booking for employee engagement platforms, but they should. Good communication is really important to keep employees engaged with their team and the company. 

A proper communication tool won’t be about giving the employees a way to talk with one another, it will keep everyone connected and engaged in different ways. One of the most dynamic communication apps out there that you can use for employee engagement is RingCentral. It doesn’t only allow employees to chat, it will also allow screen sharing and video calling. It means the employees will be able to run morning meetings, provide significant updates, and inform each other about things that are going on with the help of this platform.

You will also be able to assign upcoming tasks directly through a message with this app. It can be easily integrated with the apps that you are using already for file management, customer relationships, project management, etc. This will give you the chance to keep all the things in a single place. You will be easily able to monitor the usage of the communication app by having all of the company’s communication centered in one digital space. 

Data Collection App: Engagement Multiplier

After taking care of recognition, feedback, and communication, you might want to have some evidence of employee engagement in your workplace that is quantifiable. You’ll need to resort to data collection for that. 

Data collection apps can work in the same way as feedback apps, just the responses will be anonymous in this case. It will allow you to perceive employee engagement data of the company, and track different metrics of engagement over time. You’ll need an app that won’t just collect survey answers, it will help you understand the data and create targets to achieve the employee engagement you desire for.

One such app that can help you is the engagement multiplier. It can help you with employee engagement, as well as the growth of your company. This app focuses on data and delivers reports on the anonymous results of the initial benchmarks surveys compared to their library of data points. It will show you where to focus for improving employee engagement in your organization.

This app will even recommend the actions your team can take in order to improve engagement in terms of the surveys. You will be able to monitor the progress of your employee engagement over time by comparing groups of employees, teams, or the whole company against the benchmarks set previously. You will have actual data to improve your actions regarding employee engagement.

Increase Employee Motivation with These Apps

employee engagement apps

If you take employee engagement in your workplace as a high priority and want to motivate your employees as much as possible, you’ll need to go for a multidimensional approach of measuring employee engagement, as well as encourage it among the employees. You can make it clear to the employees of your company that their engagement with the workplace is a top priority by merging the works of various recognition, communication, and feedback apps.

If you use these apps for the employee engagement program in your company, everyone will keep feeling associated with each other, as well as the organization as a whole. If you add a data collection app for measuring the outcomes of your employee engagement efforts, to the mix of your engagement platforms, it’ll let you have an effective program for employee engagement.

If you have a proper employee engagement program in place, it will get your employees more and more engaged with the workplace, with their co-workers, and most importantly, with the work they are doing for your company. They will feel motivated to do better in their jobs and bring in better results for the company. In turn, your company will experience massive growth and success.


Employee engagement is really important from the perspective of any company, as an engaged workforce can bring in impressive results and growth for any company. You can leverage different apps or digital platforms to implement a proper employee engagement program in your workplace, and all these mentioned apps can do a great job in this regard. Make sure to use them properly to have a properly functioning employee engagement program and get all of your employees highly engaged with the workplace.

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