Three Easy Steps

  • Birthday icon

    Upload your staff’s start dates and birthdays

  • Address icon

    Choose which service recognitions to give: six months to thirty years

  • Martini glass icon

    Choose rewards staff can redeem with the points they earn

Free for existing customers. Have your company admin enable anniversaries.

A flick of your wrist syncs your staff into Recognize

Recognize has amazing user sync abilities for Office 365, SSO, Google, and Yammer. We can always do an import and update via spreadsheets.

Enable user sync by a single click with Office 365.

Takes five minutes to set up

Once logged in you can choose which years to celebrate, what the message will be, and how many points it is worth.

Enable user sync by a single click with Office 365.

Did we mention birthdays?

Your staff can update their Recognize profile to include their birthday and start date.

Send a recognition based on birthday.

Visible to everyone

The Recognize platform is inheritantly social. Whenever someone has an anniversary, the whole company can see in the Recognize stream, which you can display in your intranet or a tv in your lobby.

Viewing a years of service recognition in the company stream.