Three Easy Steps

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    Import your staff’s start dates & birthdays with Office 365, sFTP, spreadsheet, or manually.

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    Choose which work anniversaries to activate: one week to sixty years. Add personalized messages and images to each event.

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    Choose rewards staff can redeem with the points they earn, such as gift cards (Visa, Amazon, Starbucks) or company items (Paid Time Off, Sweatshirt).

Employee service program visible to everyone

The Recognize platform is social or private for work anniversaries. Whenever someone has a work anniversary, the whole company can see in the Recognize stream, which you can display in your intranet or a tv in your lobby. Staff can also choose to have their events private where they still get points but only they can see it.

Staff can also view, comment, or like the work anniversaries from the Recognize mobile app, Outlook, and more.

Viewing the work years of service awards in an app that allows people to comment or like the recognitions.
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Work anniversary program in mobile

Download the well designed mobile app from Recognize. Staff receive work anniversary from the mobile app on their special day. Your staff can access their reward redemptions from the Recognize mobile app. View colleague's public anniversaries or birthday events to comment or like. For users that don't download the Recognize mobile app, companies can set up SMS notifications and utilize the mobile web app.

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Work anniversary program in Office 365

Utilize user sync, SSO, Sharepoint, Yammer, and Outlook to create a highly visible work anniversary program. Recognize is the best employee recognition and rewards program in Office 365 with a number of different connections. Staff love accessing rewards in Outlook. They can comment or like the work anniversaries from a Sharepoint page or the Yammer feed. Recognize makes the anniversary program top of mind across various tools. Set up for IT takes 1/2 day or less.

Import employee anniversary dates with Office 365 or sFTP

Recognize has user sync abilities with Office 365, SSO, and Yammer. You can always do an import and update via spreadsheets.

Enable user sync with a few clicks with Office 365 to capture work anniversary dates.

Takes five minutes to set up the Recognize employee service program

The admin completes a one-time setup to insert which years to celebrate, what the message will be, and how much each event is worth in a systematic way. Plus, upload a graphic or gif to symbolize each event.

Shows easy setup choices, such as enabling specific events like first year of service recognition.

Automatic employee celebration in your work anniversary program

Your staff can update their Recognize profile to include their birthday and start date for recognition. Each employee can choose their privacy settings for anniversaries or birthday. At the start of the program, admins can choose to make all anniversaries or birthdays private. It all depends on you.

Showing automatic birthday recognition.

Manager Service Manager Reporting

Managers have a calendar list view of all their direct report anniversaries and birthdays. Admins can see the entire company.

Recognize pays for itself. And then some.

9 out of 10 employees agree, Recognize increases staff retention and employee satisfaction. Plus, automated employee recognition frees up cycles for HR.

A Jeweler who engages her staff with weekly employee recognition and automated rewards.