Elevate Your Awards Program with Recognize’s Nominations

Recognize’s Nomination workflow offers an efficient, fair solution to manage an array of vote-based awards. Here’s why companies should integrate it.

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An example of our employee nomination software UI.

Streamlined Nomination Workflow

An Employee nomination software enhances every company qualitatively. Recognize's unique nomination system automates the collection of information, saving staff time. It saves your company time thanks to our Chrome Extension, Mobile, Yammer, Sharepoint, and intranet integrations.

The employee nomination admin dashboard allows admins to see who has been nominated in a given time period and why they were nominated.

Customizable Awards

Tailor the program to reflect your company’s unique values and goals. Setting up an employee nomination is as easy as creating a custom badge in Recognize.

Create a badge to send as an employee nomination by clicking on in the settings.

Employee Nomination Ideas in Recognize

  • Innovation Award
  • Safety Award
  • Presidents' Award
  • Employee of the Month
  • Employee of the Quarter
  • Employee of the Year
  • Customer Service Award
  • IT Award
  • Risk Taker Award
  • Efficiency Award
  • Incredible Award
  • Helpful Award
  • Responsive Award

Data-Driven Nomination Process

For the first time staff will be able to vote through out the whole year and the admins can see why at any point for any time period.

See our Rewards
See who, what, and why is happening with an employee nomination.

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