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A print-marketing-services firm gone digital, Goodway Group uses technology to adapt to the changing workplace.

Increase in Recognitions
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To foster a healthy company culture by promoting daily successes. Previously the company used a private Twitter feed for recognition. They were looking for the next step beyond their homegrown employee-recognition program.


Goodway chose Recognize above all other Yammer-integrated recognition programs because of its ease of use, flexibility, and easy-to-achieve ROI. It showcases recognition activity and allows sending recognition in the Yammer Stream and Yammer user profiles. To personalize the experience and incentivize corporate behavior, Goodway Group provided specially designed badges representing values in their company. The values can be tracked and promoted through Recognize.

Goodway Group's COO, Jay Friedman
"We can reinforce our core values and behaviors, and even use custom badges to set goals for people." Jay Friedman, COO, Goodway Group


  • Deliver monthly reports on top-recognized employees.
  • Showcase recognitions and send recognitions from within Yammer.
  • Customize the recognition values with well-designed graphics that match company culture.

Goodway Group’s top badges among their custom badge set:

Top badges: Hero Maker, Ducks in a Row, Machine, Family Time, and Knowledge Whisperer.


Due to having Recognize inside Yammer, employee recognition can stay top of mind. Plus, the easy-to-use, well-designed SaaS product helps staff send and track recognition. Corporate well-being and staff attitude continue to be high. Within the first month of using Recognize, Goodway Group reported their best month ever in revenue. Even with a remote staff, company culture is strong. Learn more about Goodway Group.

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