Provide the power of employee recognition to your customers

Workplace by Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Sharepoint, Azure, Workday are all options for Recognize. We have built first-class integrations, mainly within Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

When you provide these tools to your customers, add Recognize to the list.

Recognize gamification with integrations

Each sale of Recognize increases your revenue

Recognize provides a generous subscription sharing platform. Contact us for introductions and to receive the reseller agreement.

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Increase customer staff engagement

By adding Recognize to your portfolio, your customers will likely maintain a relationship longer with your firm, because enterprise gamification is sticky. Staff love to have an outlet for employee recognition while leadership benefits from a better place to work focused around the company values.

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Incentivize, Recognize, Reward

Recognize increases staff productivity, provides company engagement insights, and helps retain top employees. Providing HR with an out-of-box solution since 2012.

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