Employee recognition from Google Sheets

Connect the Recognize employee recognition software to Google Sheets to automatically recognize employees or download data from Recognize to Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a collaborative spreadsheet tool.

What you'll need

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Use case

New row in Google Sheets to create an employee recognition

Add an employee’s information to a new row in Google Sheets to automatically give official employee recognition. It doesn’t get much easier than that. It is super useful for managers. Any manager can create a Zapier connection and create their own Google Sheet of recognitions.

Google Sheets

What Happens

  1. Add a direct report's information to Google Sheets as a new row.

  2. The employees will receive notification they have been recognized.

  3. The whole company can now see it in other tools and in Recognize. The employees can possibly redeem rewards with the points earned.

Set Up

  1. Create a Google Sheet

    You’ll need the following rows:

    • From
    • To
    • Message
    • Badge

    If you want to recognize multiple people, you can add their names comma-separated.

    You can optionally add a column for Privacy.

    Recognition spreadsheet
  2. Tell Zapier about the spreadsheet

    Go to https://zapier.com/app/editor/ and create a new Zap. Find Google Sheets.

    Google Sheet has a few awesome choices for ‘Trigger Events’. The one we are focusing on in this Use Case is the New Spreadsheet Row. Select that and click Continue.

    Google Sheets choices in Zapier
  3. Make sure Zapier can find your test recognition.

    Add a row to your spreadsheet to test the recognition with a colleague. Follow the steps in Zapier.

    Find the data in Google Sheets
  4. Add Recognize to the workflow

    Click the + icon to add Recognize. Search and find Recognize. Choose the event Create Recognition and click continue.

    Next, you will need to choose your Recognize account and possibly login or authenticate with Recognize for usage on Zapier.

    Choosing Recognize in Zapier
  5. Choose the fields for the recognition

    Here is the magical part. Choose which fields in the Google Sheet will correspond with the employee who is being recognized.

    Note: If you are an admin, you can impersonate other employees and recognize from someone other than yourself.

    If you are not an admin of Recognize, make sure the From field is you or just put in your email into the Customize Recognition section.

    As you can tell, you can add a column Private to your spreadsheet as well.

    Customizing the recognition
  6. Test, review, turn on

    Test the recognition with the details in your spreadsheet. If you are confident it can work, you can Skip Test. That’s it.

    Pro tip: Since the event is triggered when a new row is added, add the information for the whole row in a second worksheet, then paste over the rows information into the main worksheet to avoid sending incomplete information.

    Test the recognition

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