Employee Recognition & Staff Rewards App for Workplace by Facebook

  • Only employee recognition platform with a Workplace bot.
  • Easily send, receive, and like recognitions in your news feed.
  • Managers are notified of direct report recognitions.
  • Sync users from Office 365 or Workplace.
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An employee rewards app inside Workplace.

Staff redeem gift cards or non-monetary staff rewards inside the Workplace website, desktop app, and mobile app thanks to the Recognize bot.

Staff can check their employee recognition profile, redeem rewards, nominate an employee, or get the redemption code.

Staff can redeem employee rewards inside a popup in Workplace

Celebrate staff birthdays and employee anniversaries inside Workplace by Facebook

Easily post recognitions to your company's Workplace groups.

As Easy as Posting on Workplace

The @Recognize bot turns that post turn into an official recognition.

From there, admins can review stats and reports around employee recognition. Add points to the recognitions to be redeemed in the company rewards catalog.

Send a recognition by posting on Workplace
Choose a badge by chatting with a bot.

Chat with Recognize in Workplace

Choose a recognition badge by chatting with the Recognize bot for Workplace.

That's right, Recognize is a robot inside Workplace that can talk to you. Recognize is a baby in robot years right now and is still learning. But with time, Recognize will become very smart. Recognize becomes smarter every time a company signs up to use it. Contact us to try Recognize in Workplace.

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Celebrate Birthdays, Service Anniversaries, and Employee Recognition, All Within Workplace by Facebook

Showcase your employees' special moments and successes by highlighting recognitions in your Workforce news feed. Promote employee engagement and satisfaction by highlighting peer-to-peer recognitions and company values.

Showcase top performers by posting recognitions to Workplace by Facebook.

From Outlook to Workplace

Automatically share recognitions from Microsoft Outlook to Workplace by Facebook with one simple integration.

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From Microsoft Outlook, you can easily send recognitions to Workplace by Facebook. Easily transfer recognitions from Outlook to Workplace by Facebook.
Push recognitions directly and easily to Workplace by Facebook.

Easily Integrate Recognize into Workplace by Facebook

Connect recognitions sent in Outlook, Yammer, and other business communications tools with Workplace by Facebook to automatically post and view recognitions.

Increase Employee Engagement With Just One Step

Populate your company's Workplace by Facebook news feed with positive reinforcement of your company's core values. Reward top performers and good deeds while allowing staff to like, share, and comment on recognitions.

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