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  • Budgeting for your Employee Recognition Program

    The amount a company spends on rewards per employee can vary widely depending on several factors such as the industry, location, company size, and overall financial health. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, but we’re here to offer some general considerations.

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  • Leveraging Technology for Hybrid Office Employee Recognition and Engagement

    The global shift from in-office to hybrid remote work has presented companies with both challenges and opportunities. One significant area impacted by this transition is employee recognition and engagement programs, which traditionally thrived in an in-person environment. As businesses adapt to a new working model, leveraging technology becomes crucial in maintaining and enhancing these programs. This article explores how companies can use Microsoft Teams in conjunction with Recognize to build an effective employee recognition, rewards, and anniversary program in a work-from-home (WFH) environment, and how badges in Recognize can help focus employees on company values even when they are remote.

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  • Changing from TinyPulse to Recognize: Enhancing Employee Recognition and Surveys

    Switching from TinyPulse to Recognize can significantly improve your employee recognition and survey processes. Recognize offers advanced features, higher security, better reward options, and seamless integration with tools like Microsoft Teams, making it an overall better value. This article outlines the similarities and differences between TinyPulse and Recognize, the benefits of switching, and provides tips for a smooth transition.

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  • Enhancing Workplace Culture: Implementing a Raffle Incentive Program with Employee Recognition

    In today’s fast-paced corporate world, fostering a positive workplace culture and boosting employee morale are essential for organizational success. Companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to motivate their workforce and recognize their contributions effectively. One strategy gaining traction is the integration of raffle incentive programs with employee recognition initiatives. This unique approach not only incentivizes employees to participate in your existing programs, but also further cultivates a culture of appreciation and camaraderie within the organization by bringing more visibility to recognition.

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  • How to Resolve a Workplace Conflict: A Guide for HR Professionals

    Years ago, CPP’s report opened HR managers’ eyes like a curtain being drawn. It uncovered the staggering truth about workplace conflicts: 85% of employees constantly deal with disputes at job sites, and 29% do it “always” or “frequently.”

    So, let’s confront the “elephant in the room.” Disagreements are inescapable in employee relations at work, and, as an HR professional, you should know how to cope with them. They aren’t pleasant, yet they are manageable.

    We have compiled an HR guide to workplace conflict resolution to prepare you thoroughly.

    Shall we begin with the essentials, then?

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  • Motivating Customer Support and Call Center Staff in 2024

    Call centers and customer support work can surprise even the most intuitive leaders. For instance, creative customer support staff, ones who engage in art, are more likely to stay with the organization longer. Only through a shift of looking at how people work can we discover these underlying connections. Especially if the leaders create cultures within the organization that encourage managers to create significance, embrace change, and value their employees.

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  • Creating a Thriving Work Environment: Insights from Stone Mantel on the Experience Strategy Podcast

    Creating a thriving work environment involves recognizing and appreciating employees, focusing on early adopters and fence-sitters, and addressing nay-sayers. Finding your brilliance and your resilience is what workers are made to do. Leaders play a crucial role in building trust and creating sub-cultures that encourage resilience and brilliance. By embracing the whole person and fostering emotional congruity, leaders can make a significant impact on their employees and ultimately, the success of the organization. The following is a summary of the Experience Strategy Podcast


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  •'s State of Rewards & Recognition Programs and Tools 2024

    Recognize partnered with in a comprehensive research study on the effects of employee recognition programs on company culture and the employee experience.

    Infographic screenshot. Download PDF below.

    Download the infographic here

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  • Quarterly Recognition Calendar

    Employee recognition plays a vital role in maintaining a positive, motivated, and productive workforce. Celebrating special occasions throughout the year is an excellent way to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of your employees. Here’s why.

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  • Employee Recognition Vendor Security Certification & User Trackers

    When choosing an employee experience software partner, it is crucial to consider security and privacy. The digital landscape has seen an increase in security breaches and data privacy issues in recent times, affecting various sectors. These incidents have led to considerable financial and reputational damage for businesses. Therefore, it is important for buyers to ensure that their chosen software partner has robust security measures in place and respects data privacy. Ensuring this will not only protect the company’s sensitive information but also build trust with employees who use the software.

    Surprisingly, even brands that seem like industry leaders can have weak security or questionable privacy policies. See the bottom section for which recognition and rewards vendors have the most user trackers installed.

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  • Microsoft Teams Employee Experience Apps Review Comparison

    The rating of employee recognition apps in the Microsoft Teams app store is an important factor to consider. These ratings provide insights into the user experience and overall satisfaction with the app. They are based on real user feedback and can help potential users make informed decisions about which app best suits their needs. A higher rating usually means the app is well-received by its users and can be seen as a testament to its quality and effectiveness.

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  • Leveraging Recognize’s Announcements Feature for Effective Employee Engagement

    Effective communication is key to maintaining a healthy culture, and a productive and engaged workforce. One of the ways to effectively and efficiently communicate and engage with employees is through the use of the Announcements feature within Recognize. This feature can be leveraged in several ways to foster a culture of recognition, align the team with company values, and keep everyone updated on the latest initiatives. Below, we’ve outlined some ideas for how to engage your workforce with the Announcements feature.

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  • Engaging Employees and Celebrating Top Performers

    Engaging employees at all levels and recognizing the contributions of top performers are essential to fostering a positive and productive workplace environment. We’re sharing some effective ways to achieve this!

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  • Recognize's Employee Recognition Program Maturity Model

    To assist in the discovery phase of implementing a new recognition program or platform at your organization, our team has created the Employee Recognition Program Maturity Model. This model is intended to help organizations determine their starting point with employee recognition, and to provide a framework for identifying major program milestones.

    Being able to identify your company’s current phase in the journey is crucial to creating appropriate and attainable goals and KPIs over time. This way, you’ll be able to scale your programs and attain the level of maturity you’re aspiring to. Below, you will find a summary of each of the phases of maturity, as well as a list of key identifiers and attributes for each phase. Feel free to save a copy of this model or bookmark this article to refer back to as you meet milestones with your recognition programs!

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  • Transitioning from Blueboard

    The founders of Recognize, Peter and Alex, have known Taylor and Kevin since they started Blueboard. Coincidentally, the two teams started in Runway, an incredible co-working space that was in the same building as Yammer and Twitter in San Francisco. The Recognize Team has always been impressed with Blueboard and their strategy to go after experiences. We were sad to see Blueboard closed their doors and shutdown operations this week.

    Recognize is offering Blueboard customers affected by the change a chance to keep going with their rewards and engagement strategies. See why you should make the transition.

    Meet with us and mention you were with Blueboard. Here’s a few reasons why.

    Email directly at

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  • Microsoft Teams Badges vs. Recognize

    Both platforms offer customizable badge graphics and labels, as well as the ability to post recognitions to Teams. However, Recognize provides several additional features. It allows for custom descriptions, quantities, and points per badge. It also supports role-based recognition and nominations. Unique offerings of Recognize include point-based anniversaries, incentive challenges/tasks, and a soon-to-be-released feature for mailing physical letters for anniversaries.

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  • Fostering Unity and Fun: National Days to Celebrate in the Workplace (US)

    In today’s fast-paced work environments, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among employees is essential for maintaining morale and productivity. One effective way to achieve this is by celebrating national days in the workplace. National days offer a fantastic opportunity to break away from the routine, inject some fun into the workday, and promote a sense of belonging among team members. From quirky and offbeat to meaningful and reflective, here are some national days that can be celebrated in the workplace to inspire, engage, and unify your team.


    1. National Thank Your Mentor Day (January 21st): Recognize the invaluable role of mentors in professional development by encouraging employees to express gratitude to their mentors. Consider organizing a mentorship appreciation luncheon or facilitating mentorship workshops and networking sessions.

    2. National Compliment Day (January 24th): Encourage a positive atmosphere by celebrating National Compliment Day. Encourage team members to compliment each other’s work, attitude, or any positive attribute they admire. You could organize a “compliment box” where employees can drop anonymous compliments to their coworkers.

    3. National Have Fun at Work Day (Last Friday in January): Dedicate this day to pure enjoyment! Organize fun activities such as team-building games, trivia contests, or a themed dress-up day. It’s an excellent opportunity to lighten the atmosphere and build stronger connections among team members.

    4. National Clean Out Your Computer Day (Second Monday in February): Encourage employees to declutter and organize their digital workspace by deleting old files, organizing folders, and running system updates. Provide resources and tips for maintaining digital hygiene, which can improve efficiency and cybersecurity.

    5. National Innovation Day (February 16th): Encourage creativity and innovation among your team members by hosting brainstorming sessions, innovation workshops, or a “Shark Tank” style competition where employees can pitch their innovative ideas.

    6. National Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday in March): This day is dedicated to recognizing and appreciating the hard work and dedication of employees. Consider organizing a catered lunch, providing small gifts or tokens of appreciation, or hosting an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding achievements.

    7. International Women’s Day (March 8th): Celebrate the achievements and contributions of women in the workplace by organizing a panel discussion featuring influential female leaders, hosting a luncheon with speeches honoring women’s accomplishments, or simply acknowledging the day with a small token of appreciation for all female employees.

    8. National Volunteer Week (3rd week of April): Dedicate a week to giving back to the community. Organize volunteer opportunities for employees to participate in charitable activities, such as food drives, beach clean-ups, or volunteering at local shelters. It’s a meaningful way to bond as a team while making a positive impact on society.

    9. National Fitness Day (First Saturday in May): Promote health and wellness in the workplace by organizing fitness challenges, yoga sessions, or group walks during lunchtime. Encouraging physical activity not only boosts morale but also enhances productivity and reduces stress levels.

    10. World Day for Cultural Diversity (May 21st): Celebrate diversity and inclusion by hosting cultural events, diversity workshops, or inviting guest speakers to discuss topics related to diversity and equity. It’s an opportunity to foster understanding, respect, and appreciation for the diverse backgrounds and perspectives within your organization.

    11. National Take Your Dog to Work Day (Friday after Father’s Day): If your workplace allows it, invite employees to bring their furry friends to work for a day of companionship and stress relief. Not only does it boost morale, but it also creates a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment.

    12. National Coffee Day (September 29th): Fuel productivity and foster social interaction by celebrating everyone’s favorite caffeinated beverage. Set up a coffee bar with different brews and flavors, host a coffee tasting session, or organize a “coffee and chat” networking event.

    13. National Techies Day (October 3rd): Recognize the contributions of your tech-savvy employees by organizing tech-themed activities such as coding challenges, tech trivia contests, or hosting guest speakers to discuss emerging trends in technology.

    14. National Boss’s Day (October 16th): Show appreciation for your leadership team by organizing a special lunch, writing thank you notes, or giving small tokens of appreciation. Recognizing the efforts of managers and supervisors helps foster positive relationships and promotes a supportive work environment.

    15. National Thank You Note Day (December 26th): Encourage employees to express their gratitude and appreciation to their colleagues by writing thank you notes. Provide stationery and encourage handwritten notes, which adds a personal touch to the expressions of gratitude.

    Celebrating national days in the workplace not only adds excitement and variety to the work environment but also strengthens bonds among colleagues and promotes a positive company culture. By embracing these occasions, organizations can create memorable experiences, boost employee morale, and foster a sense of belonging and unity among team members.

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  • International Women's Day Employee Recognition Badges

    International Women’s Day is Friday March 8th. Recognize created three badges to help celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

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  • How to Keep Your Employee Data Secure

    Learn what the law says about how to treat employee data, and discover some practical ways to keep staff information safe.

    You’re up to date with your data security, right? You always ask for consent before saving customer emails and adding them to your mailing list, and you delete customer data when it’s not needed anymore. You probably even have a fancy system to ensure customer credit card details are fully encrypted.

    But what about your employee data? Naturally, you wouldn’t dream of giving out personal information about them. Their addresses and social security numbers are probably looked after better by you than they are by your staff members themselves.

    Of course, you keep records of their work, but that doesn’t count. That’s just operations data, isn’t it? Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you this isn’t the case. In fact, according to laws like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), employee data is given the same level of protection as consumer data.

    Businesses today collect more data than ever before. You may not even think about it, but you probably keep personal and financial information on your employees, their health records, and even biometric data.

    Not to mention the reams of data on their digital activities. This is all valuable information to cybercriminals. No wonder then that cybercrime is rocketing. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report (2023), a staggering 83% of organizations experienced a data breach in 2022.

    So, it’s time to get serious about your employee data protection. In this article, we look at various strategies and best practices and consider practical steps you can take to ensure your employee’s data stays secure.

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  • Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day 2024

    Employee Appreciation Day is a nationally recognized workday towards honoring employees and taking time to appreciate and celebrate their accomplishments. Recognizing your staff for their hard work can make a huge difference in employee engagement and satisfaction. Engaged employees can bring the best results for your company.

    On Employee Appreciation Day, there are many ways to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate your team. Here are a few ideas:

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  • Webinar: Company Culture Management

    A summary of content in the webinar on managing company culture. What should you consider when choosing a vendor.

    More information as the date of the webinar approaches.

    Register for State of Industry Rewards & Recognition Programs and Tools Virtual Event – March 12th, 2024

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  • Backgrounds for Your Business Tools

    Utilize the following images in Recognize or other tools, such as Notion. These images were generated in AI.

    Also, check out Subtle Patterns for more ideas. For instance, this blue pattern.

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  • Top 10 Trends in Employee Experience for 2024

    Wondering what to expect when it comes to employee experience and expectations for 2024? We’ve compiled a list of ten things to be prepared for in order to meet employees where they are this year.

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  • Differentiating Your Employee Recognition Programs to Attract Talent in 2024

    In 2024, competition for top talent is likely to be fiercer than ever. To stand out from the crowd, it’s important to have a unique and effective employee recognition program. Here are some strategies to differentiate your program and attract the best talent.

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  • Anticipating the Future: HR Trends of 2024

    As we peer into the future through 2024, it’s evident that several emerging trends are set to reshape the world of human resources (HR). These trends represent both challenges and opportunities for HR professionals. Here are some of the most significant trends that we needto watch out for.

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  • The Unofficial Slack Getting Started Guide from a Tech CEO

    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on getting started with Slack! These best practices are brought to you by Alex Grande, CEO of Recognize. We provide an employee recognition, staff rewards, and survey system for Slack and Microsoft 365.

    In Recognize, give recognition based on core competencies that can be used to redeem Amazon items or gift cards. Get started first with non-monetary peer recognition. Send within Slack.

    Now onto the article about getting started with Slack. First of all, what they don’t tell you is Slack can be your best friend and be your worst enemy if neglected. If you aren’t proactively checking different parts of Slack, you will hear about it from your teammates. They won’t be happy with you. This guide is to make sure everything is chill and your coworkers aren’t upset with you.

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  • Best Practices for Slack

    Our unofficial list of things you can do right now to be more effective in Slack.

    Take a moment before reading this article to consider Recognize. It’s an employee engagement platform your staff can utilize to recognize and reward the good work everyone is doing around the company core competencies. Your company will experience an increase in productivity, retention, and happiness as as result. You can add Recognize to Slack, Outlook, and more. Okay, now to the article.

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  • Ultimate Guide to Slack App Integrations

    Be awesome in Slack with this in-depth guide to maximizing the use of Slack for effective team communication and collaboration. It covers various tools that can be integrated into Slack for HR processes, staff engagement, work tracking, as well as integrations from major companies. It also discusses how to use Zapier for task automation, integration with other apps, email notifications, social media monitoring, and data backup. We conclude with practical tips on mastering Slack shortcuts, customizing notifications, using threads, starring important items, utilizing Slack Bot, setting status, creating user groups, using emojis for quick responses, and keeping channels organized.

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  • How Direct Report Managers Can Help Employees Feel Empowered Through Feedback

    Providing feedback to staff is an essential aspect of a manager’s role. When done effectively, feedback can help employees feel heard and empowered, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction. Here are five specific phrases and examples that managers can use to communicate their needs while making the employee feel empowered:

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  • Gallup Q12 Survey: Measuring Employee Engagement

    The Gallup Q12 survey is a widely used tool for measuring employee engagement in organizations. The survey consists of 12 questions, each designed to assess different aspects of employee engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the Q12 questions and why they are important to ask:

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  • 20 Employee Happiness Survey Questions & Why You Should Ask Them

    By incorporating these questions into an employee happiness survey, organizations can gain valuable insights to create a positive work environment and improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

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  • Employee Engagement Surveys

    The choice of employee survey types depends on the organization’s specific goals and requirements. Pulse surveys offer quick and frequent feedback, allowing organizations to stay updated with real-time insights into employee sentiment. Employee happiness surveys provide a comprehensive assessment of overall employee satisfaction and happiness, helping create a positive work environment. The Gallup Q12 survey focuses on employee engagement and alignment with the organization’s goals, enabling organizations to enhance employee motivation and productivity.

    Learn more about Recognize’s Employee Survey System

    Recognize Employee Engagement Surveys

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  • Comparing Employee Engagement Strategies

    To have the competitive edge over the competition, companies need to deploy multiple strategies to support the wellbeing, productivity, and retention of staff and company culture. Tools including employee recognition, pulse surveying, performance reviews, or having people take days off are all necessary. The order and commitment to these are just as important. Review the table below of possible options and what they possibly mean to your organization.

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  • What to Do after Completing an eNPS Survey

    After completing an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) survey, such as with the Recognize eNPS, it is essential for companies to take appropriate actions based on the results. If you haven’t started yet, here are three tips to consider when setting up an eNPS.

    Here are levels of results in the survey to consider once the survey is complete.

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  • Alternative Questions to Ask in an Employee Net Promoter Score Survey

    The original eNPS question is:
    “How likely are you to recommend our organization as a workplace to a friend or colleague?”

    What happens when you want to find out something a bit different in the eNPS or you’ve done the eNPS a few iterations now. Try to focus instead on retention, applying for Best Place to Work award, or get a gauge on people’s skill utilization.

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  • Three Tips When Adding an eNPS or Pulse Survey

    Surveys have been used in some form or another for centuries, but they became more widely used in the business world in the early 20th century. One of the first recorded uses of surveys in a business setting was in 1916, when the Western Electric Company conducted a study to determine the effects of lighting on worker productivity.

    Employee surveys started to become more common in the mid-20th century, particularly after World War II. At this time, many companies began to focus on improving employee satisfaction and engagement, and surveys were seen as a useful tool for gathering information about employee opinions and attitudes.

    Pulse surveys, which are short, frequent surveys designed to gather feedback on a regular basis, are a more recent development. They started to gain popularity in the early 2000s as companies began to recognize the importance of collecting real-time feedback to improve employee engagement and productivity.

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  • How to Achieve Servant Leadership in 2024

    In today’s work climate, we need new leadership patterns to truly excite and motivate the workplace. This article is meant to enable companies to utilize Servant Leadership. When staff are treated as leaders themselves, the result is an engaged workforce no matter where they work – in an office or at home.

    Learn how to apply Servant Leadership to your business using tools, recognition, and values. Learn more in general about Servant Leadership here.

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  • WFH? How about Work from Travel

    Walking up six hours before the rest of the team, I open my laptop and check in with our international team. After addressing questions, I’m able to keep them moving along swifter than if I was home. Afterwards, the gym awaits for an hour long work out to calm the spirit. By the time most of the team comes online, I’ve worked four solid, focused hours. I check with them to make sure everything is moving smoothly and take an hour to sight see. Finally, I wrap up the day with another solid three or four hours. That’s the life of working while traveling.

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  • How to Create a Corporate Wellness Program

    Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular in workplaces as a way to promote healthy living and prevent chronic diseases. Wellness programs can be customized to meet individual needs and provide personalized recommendations for a healthier lifestyle.


    The following plan is based on thorough research and provides links to helpful resources for each wellness tip:

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  • Recognition & Appreciation Messages You Can Use (Updated)

    Break through the writer’s block and send a great employee recognition message.

    Create an Official Recognition & Rewards Program at Your Company

    Learn more by contacting our recognition specialist team.

    Schedule a Demo

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  • A Survey of Social Workers on Recognition and Burnout

    Social work is a demanding and often emotionally taxing profession that requires individuals to provide support and care to some of society’s most vulnerable populations. Despite the inherent rewards of this work, social workers are at risk of burnout, which can have significant consequences for both the individuals affected and the social work profession as a whole. Burnout is characterized by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a reduced sense of personal accomplishment. It can lead to decreased job satisfaction, increased absenteeism, and high turnover rates, negatively impacting the quality of care provided to clients. The impact of burnout on social workers is particularly concerning, given the critical role they play in supporting those in need. In this article, we will explore the causes of social worker burnout and examine the potential impact of recognition programs to reduce burnout and promote well-being within the social work profession.

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  • Recognition Mistakes Managers Should Be Mindful Of

    Imagine that it’s your birthday. You receive a gift from your loved one. Your day has just improved a tiny bit. But hold on; the present isn’t precisely what you expected.

    It is not something you want or need; it is a standard item that can be purchased anywhere. All of your hints were ignored by your partner. There is also no card or attractive packaging. In other words, not much thought or work has gone into it. How would that cause you to feel?

    You might brush it off, say a big thank you, and look forward to a better gift the next time if it’s just a one-time occurrence. However, if this happens frequently, your feelings may become bitter over time as your hatred mounts. In the same way, when bosses offer praise at work, the very same thing could occur.

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  • Recognition and Company Culture

    An essential component of any corporate goals and values should be employee recognition. This is so that employers can increase employee motivation, happiness, and pleasure by praising and rewarding their accomplishments.

    Each element increases employee retention, reducing employees’ likelihood of leaving your company. Effective employee recognition programs can lay the groundwork for a beautiful workplace culture, reshaping it to encourage staff members to come to work every day.

    Below are a few ways that increasing employee engagement via rewards might improve the corporate culture at your organization if it is lacking or needs improvement.

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  • Inspiration in the Workplace

    Everyone has someone who inspires them. Some people inspire us and motivate us to accomplish more with our lives, from relatives to well-known historians. But what qualities must you possess to inspire others? What can you do to motivate the people around you?

    In the workplace, inspiration is a crucial component of a productive team. When workers are inspired, they are energized and motivated to perform at their highest level. You understand how wonderful it is to be charged with zeal if you’ve ever worked on a motivated team.

    Ready to tap into the inspiration’s potential? Let’s examine ways to inspire coworkers and foster a motivational workplace atmosphere.

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  • Getting Recognized By to Higher Ups At Work

    You always provide your best effort at work. You put forth a lot of effort, offer insightful suggestions, and consistently have a good effect. You are aware of your excellent work, but is your manager aware? What about the manager’s boss?

    According to research, only 32% of workers claim that their organization has a structure in place to guarantee that their employer acknowledges them in 2022. It’s time to discover how to stand out to higher management if you’re not one of the 32%.

    Learning how to stand out either directly or indirectly builds confidence and aids in job advancement. Before diving into some benchmarks, let’s define what it means to be seen and why you would like to attain that. To stand out, you don’t have to saturate your boss with compliments.

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  • Adaptability in the Workplace: Defining and Improving This Key Skill


    Regardless of your profession or length of employment, adaptability is a valuable talent to possess. It’s no surprise that one of the five most important abilities that businesses want in candidates is adaptability. The necessity to be adaptable and flexible in light of changing circumstances is the most important lesson the past few years have taught us. It is a crucial component of professional development, stress management, and resilience.

    We are the only species capable of anticipating the future and imagining situations. This is referred to as “prospecting” by psychologists like Roy F. Baumeister and Martin Seligman, among others.

    We refer to this ability in practice as being future-focused. Future-focused leaders will be crucial as we recover from the whiff of recession and rethink the future of employment. They typically exhibit traits that others can learn from, such as being more successful, optimistic, and far less agitated than their peers.

    Regardless of what issue arises, you must be capable of handling it well and advancing. A crucial life and career skill is adaptability. 

    You’ll be a more compelling applicant for jobs and a more effective professional overall if you can adjust to new settings and work methods. If you are flexible and eager to learn new things and undertake new tasks, you definitely have adaptability skills. Moreover, improving your flexibility might also entail enhancing additional soft skills, such as interpersonal and communication skills.

    Charles Darwin spoke famously as to how the civilization that survives is neither the smartest nor the one with the greatest physical prowess. It is the one that can adjust to change the best.

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  • How to Manage Poor Performance in the Workplace

    One of the most demanding professional changes is taking on the role of a new manager. Along with team leadership, you must develop management skills for your direct reports’ subpar work.

    Even if you have years of experience managing teams, coaching bad performance requires a unique set of skills that you must develop over time. The good news is that it’s a skill you can create.

    We’re ready to provide you with a concrete example of how to deal with subpar work performance. Additionally, we’ll explain bad employee performance, why it occurs, and precisely how you may approach it as a manager or leader with assurance.

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  • Transparency in the Workplace (Definition and Effects)

    As a two-way street, transparency begins with you. Do you want your workforce to be more engaged? According to the findings, workplace transparency should be prioritized. Employee engagement is higher when team members believe that communication at work is transparent. Compared to workers who think their company isn’t acceptable, employees who have experienced workplace transparency report as much as six times more job satisfaction.

    It is reasonable to argue that transparency prevents attrition since work satisfaction directly affects employee retention rates. But how does transparency work in organizations? And are there any disadvantages at all?

    Ethan Bernstein, a professor at Harvard Business School, thinks there are. Bernstein discovered unexpected findings in research on open work settings and transparency. Employees took considerable measures to disguise their actions due to excessive openness. To ensure that people “saw what they expect to see,” employees, in one instance, concealed personal process improvements from their peers.

    For more information about workplace openness, continue reading. You’ll discover how to strike a balance and determine how much transparency is appropriate for your organization.

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  • Top Ways to Set Expectations for Employees

    Saying that our working style has evolved over the last two years would be an understatement. Both employees and employers have had to adjust to what at times seems like a whole new world, from the COVID-19 epidemic to the advent of remote employment and even beyond then.

    You could ponder establishing employee expectations while we all deal with the “new normal” together. Setting expectations may be helpful whether you’re trying to improve staff performance and retention or avoid burnout.

    Many companies, however, don’t lay out their requirements in unambiguous terms. In actuality, according to a Gallup poll, the majority of employees are unaware of their employer’s expectations for them.

    This may create a decline in employee engagement, ultimately resulting in individuals quitting your organization entirely.

    Although employee loss is always a danger, it is more important than ever now. According to Microsoft, 52% of millennial and Gen Z employees want to look for a new job in 2022. How can you beat it, then? Learn how to communicate expectations to your staff members.

    You can ensure that both new employees and seasoned team members are prepared for success by setting expectations. Additionally, according to Gallup, workers who know what is expected of them are more engaged, successful, and content with their jobs.

    Managing staff performance unquestionably requires leadership abilities. Let’s examine how to train employees to work based on expectations.

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  • How to Give Constructive Feedback - with Examples

    For many individuals, giving constructive criticism is nerve-wracking. However, receiving feedback is equally essential for succeeding in work. It enables individuals to adapt and develop new jobs, abilities, and skills. It fosters stronger, more fruitful bonds between coworkers. And it aids in achieving objectives and generating corporate value.

    But communication involves both parties. Workers will probably need to provide constructive criticism at some point in their careers. Because of this, having concrete instances of constructive criticism is helpful in the right circumstances.

    Employees are known to seek comments. However, a study discovered that after receiving feedback, people desire to give it back. Participants consistently assessed their willingness for feedback as being higher than the recipients.

    Despite the genuine dread of receiving criticism, it’s crucial to seize opportunities for helpful criticism. After all, it might mean distinguishing between a struggling unit and one that succeeds.

    A few concrete examples of constructive criticism have been prepared to utilize if you’re attempting to overcome your fear of giving feedback. We’ll also discuss some advice on how to deliver constructive criticism.

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  • Creating a Culture of Accountability in the Workplace: 7 Steps

    Although it can be difficult to access, accountability is among the most crucial qualities of top teams and workers. Alternatively, a lack of responsibility can prevent businesses and people from achieving their full potential.

    You’ve probably been in a meeting where someone came in late. People often complain that they were delayed by another meeting or traffic. This is because nobody wants to admit that they failed to set a morning alarm, step out of their houses on time, or maintain a calendar. They are unable to accept sole accountability for their deeds. None of them want to take responsibility for their actions.

    Organizations must foster an environment of responsibility if they hope to achieve their objectives and maintain employee engagement. You can develop a culture of accountability that advances your company and motivates employees with the appropriate actions. Let’s get to it.

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  • 4 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Employees

    Managing difficult team members or colleagues can be a pain. You’ll almost certainly come in contact with a difficult employee eventually, and that’s a problem many leaders dread. Your energy is sapped by problematic employee behavior, which also undermines your team’s morale and reduces production. Leaders need to be able to deal with challenging personnel quickly and effectively for this reason.

    Let’s examine the characteristics of difficult employees as well as tried-and-true tactics for coping with them.

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  • Effective Employee Retention Strategies: A Comprehensive Guide

    Managing employee retention is taking strategic measures to keep staff members motivated and concentrated so they choose to stay employed and contribute to the firm completely. A thorough employee retention program tends to be extremely effective in luring in and keeping essential people, as well as in lowering turnover and the associated expenses it comes with. Each of them has an impact on the overall success and productivity of a company. Retaining a competent employee is more efficient than finding, hiring, and onboarding another of the same caliber.

    Therefore, the time has come to ensure that your company is taking the proper steps to promote job satisfaction among employees and, most importantly, talent retention.

    You must first comprehend the potential motivations behind your employees’  job searches, as well as the potential reasons behind any resignations that may have already been given.

    Fundamental yet potent ideas like fairness and openness can leave a good impression on team members. The main causes of job satisfaction are these five elements.

    • All employees, regardless of level, are treated with respect.
    • Trust among senior management and employees.
    • Job stability.
    • Compensation/pay.
    • Possibilities to put their strengths and skills to work
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  • The Art of Employee Referral Programs

    Candidate-driven markets need a proactive method of hiring. Just over 50% of firms cite employee referrals as their top source of qualified applicants, according to Deloitte research.

    Employee referral programs can be the answer for companies that are having trouble finding and keeping skilled workers with the necessary abilities. We’ll delve into what an employee referral program is, how it helps businesses, offer some advice on how to design your own, and discuss why you need one right now in this article.


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  • Employee Relations in the Workplace

    The transformation of the workplace environment has brought employee relations to the forefront as we get ready to enter a new year. A crucial determinant of a company’s success is how highly both the employers and the employees value each other. Stronger rewards are produced through stronger relationships.

    In recent years, businesses have made significant progress in this area, embracing mobile tech that involves their workforce in internal comms and putting into place regulations aimed at enhancing the employee experience. That said, you’re exactly where you need to be if you’re prepared to improve employee relations but are unsure of how to go about it.

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  • The Employee Performance Management Process

    The performance management process is crucial to effective personnel management. Before providing five science-based recommendations to improve your performance management process, we’ll provide a basic summary of what the entire process involves in this article.

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  • Types of Motivation in The Workplace - A Beginner's Guide


    Even if your employees are highly skilled, it’s doubtful that they will reach their full potential if they lack motivation. Alternatively, when people are motivated, work seems to become easier. People who are motivated are upbeat, enthusiastic about all they are doing, and aware that they are devoting their time to something genuinely valuable. In summary, motivated individuals work hard and enjoy their jobs.

    All good executives aim to have this mindset permeate their businesses. As a leader and manager, you must maintain a sense of inspiration and motivation within your team. Without a doubt, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

    We’ll go through the main concepts, tactics, and resources that can be employed to keep your employees motivated in their work in this article.

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  • Milestone Awards for Employees in 2022

    It’s another year of employee recognition to consider, especially now that 2022 is well underway. You’re not standing alone if you haven’t given employees much appreciation. Nevertheless, whether you read this in February, October, or even December, the moment is now to resolve to change. Thinking about ways to make your employees’ lives better can never be too late.

    This piece will concentrate on debatably the most popular recognition program now in use: milestone/employee service awards, as opposed to deluging you with thousands of options for recognition.

    We’ll explain what these awards are, their mode of use, and how to create your own program to profit from the fantastic advantages of recognition.

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  • Building healthy relationships in the workplace

    Building healthy relationships in the workplace is absolutely essential. It’s vital to know how to create and maintain strong workplace relationships to increase productivity and employee happiness. This article goes in depth explaining the concept.

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  • All You Should Know About Employee Recognition Programs

    Building a thoughtful and consistent strategy to recognize the achievements of employees is a vital part of fostering success and growth at your company. Employees who feel valued and receive praise are noted to be significantly more motivated, productive, and satisfied. As seen from a study by Recognize, up to 59% of employees would rather work at companies with a better recognition culture than those with better pay but a lack of recognition.

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  • Measuring Company Culture (A Definitive Guide)

    Over the past couple of years, company culture has shifted considerably. This singular fact hasn’t eluded employees. Notably, 1 out of every 3 employees has stated that they’ve noticed culture changes over the past two years. That said, change is almost certainly going to continue whether or not you’re investing in it. To keep steering in the direction needed, it’s important for employers to take note of their culture. 


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  • Most Important Lifestyle Habits of Successful Founders

    This episode of Dalton & Michael on Y Combinator’s YouTube channel continued the discussion from the previous episode called “How to Deal with Setbacks.” Dealing with setbacks can be likened to dealing with punches. In this episode, hosts Michael Seibel and Dalton Caldwell discussed “how to prevent these punches” and “how to take a punch and recover.”

    Dealing with setbacks can be analogized with healthcare. In the same way that preventative and curative healthcare is available, there are also preventative measures for coping with setbacks as a founder.


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  • An Engagement Plan for Employees: How to Get a More Engaged Workforce

    Employee engagement is a term that reverberates through the world of HR. Interchangeably used with the term employee satisfaction. However, there is a slight difference in the definition of both terms. 


    The keyword in employee engagement is MOTIVATION. How motivated are your employees to work? Rate their motivation level on a scale of 1-10. If it’s in the lower range, then there’s a high chance you’re bleeding cash in employee turnover costs, and you have to develop an employee engagement plan as soon as possible. 

    According to a report by FastTrack360, about 71% of managers felt employee engagement is one of the most important factors in their organization’s overall success. Gallup, in their meta-analysis, also noted that companies in the top quartile of employee engagement outperformed companies in the bottom quartile by 22% in profitability and 21% in productivity. Highly engaged employees are typically highly motivated and in tune with the core focus of the company, which is usually growth.

    Many organizations invest resources and efforts in employee engagement plans without considering their implications for the employees. Effective strategies are necessary to ensure that the plan for improving employee engagement is effective.

    In this post, we will discuss how to create an employee engagement plan, as well as some of the top employment engagement strategies for 2022.

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  • Different Types Of Recognition: A Beginner's Guide

    People are not machines. They can’t be set to a certain task and left to churn out the same thing forever. Employees want to feel like they’re contributing, see their work making a difference, and feel like they’re growing in their careers while remaining on the job. Understanding what employees want, then, is essential if you don’t want to lose your best employees or good candidates when looking to hire. That’s why recognition plays such an important role in the employee experience. It makes people feel appreciated as individuals and helps them see how their contributions make a difference to the company as a whole. There are so many ways that we can recognize and appreciate our employees at work; it’s just about knowing which ones are best for your company at this moment in time. 

    In the words of Jim Harter, author of “Getting Gamers: Understanding and Engaging the Newest Workforce”, “recognition is any acknowledgement that directly or indirectly signals recognition.” Within the context of the modern workplace, there are many different ways to acknowledge employees for the work they do. In fact, there are so many types of recognition programs available that it can be difficult to know which one is right for your company. This article will explore some of the different types of recognition in the workplace so that you know where you stand currently and what areas need some work from you as an employer.

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  • A Beginner's Guide To Continuous Feedback Performance Management

    This post is a complete guide to the use of feedback in continuous performance management. In a nutshell, we will discuss continuous feedback and how it relates to performance management.

    Continuous performance management is an upgrade from the traditional performance management system that was based on assessing employees based on their annual performance. Essentially, while performance review was based on annual feedback, continuous performance management is based on more frequent feedback, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

    According to a report, 95% are managers feel dissatisfied with their traditional performance reviews. In contrast, employees who receive daily feedback from their managers are 3x more engaged than employees who only receive annual feedback. This statistic is a pointer to the impact of continuous feedback on employee engagement.

    So, if you want to learn about continuous performance management and its benefits for your organization, you are in the right place.

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  • Companies With the Best Employee Recognition Programs

    Are you looking to improve employee engagement in your organization? Then employee recognition programs are a step to take. Yes, implementing them can be a hassle, and they’ll cost you money, but they will improve employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

    According to Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, a global workplace culture research firm, only about 40% of the 3 billion people who work worldwide are happy at their jobs. While lots of factors play into this low percentage, the fact that recognized employees are more productive and happy should be noted.

    In this post, we have outlined 10 companies with the best employee recognition programs. Some of these companies have mastered the art of employee recognition, it has become a trademark culture for them. However, let us, first of all, explore the different types of employee recognition. 

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  • The Top Engagement Survey Questions You Didn't Know to Ask

    Employers and employees have a common desire: a better workplace. 

    Are you looking to follow the best practices to improve employee engagement in your company? If so, asking the right employee engagement survey questions is critical. Asking the right questions help provides insight into the views and opinions of your employees.

    According to a survey by Gallup, the global employee engagement rate is put at 21%, meaning only 21% of the employed population feel satisfied with their work. In another study, it was found that companies with high employee engagement outperformed those with low employee engagement concerning customer ratings, productivity, and profitability.

    In this post, we have curated a list of top questions you should ask during an employee engagement survey. The questions are factored around five key elements of employee engagement which are: 

    • Communication within the Office
    • Leadership/Management style
    • Opportunities to learn and grow
    • Employee Recognition
    • Work-Life Balance


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  • Recognize is ISO-27001 information security certified

    Thanks to two years of hard work by our entire team, Recognize is certified under the specification ISO/IEC 27001. It details everything involving Recognize establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving our systems and processes around information security.

    ISO-27001 seal

    Highest Level of Protection

    The certification means your data is protected following strict guidelines around:

    • financial information
    • intellectual property
    • employee information
    • information entrusted to you by third parties
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  • Effective Employee Recognition for Remote Employees in 2022

    Remote working culture has experienced a rapid rise globally in recent years, especially due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many companies have understood the importance of remote working and have let their employees keep working from the comfort of their own homes. As remote working options come with many benefits and flexibility, many employees prefer remote opportunities to work in the office, hence employee recognition for remote employees became vital.

    Even though they work from afar, it’s important for a company to provide its remote employees with proper employee recognition for their hard work, efforts, and contributions to the company.

    There are differences between remote employees and regular employees. Remote employees lack the daily interactions that regular employee experiences in their day-to-day work life. As a result, remote employees miss out on some crucial and integral parts of their work life, such as appreciation from their boss, peer-to-peer recognition, experiencing company culture, making important connections with their colleagues, etc. As a result, they don’t get engaged the way regular employees do.

    But it’s really important that you get them engaged with their work and the company and make them feel like a vital part of the company’s success and growth. It’s important that you make them feel happy, satisfied, and motivated. For doing so, you’ll need to provide them with proper employee recognition for their hard work, efforts, and achievements. Also, you can increase their productivity and make them feel valued in this manner. In this article, we will talk about the ways you can provide remote employees with proper employee recognition.

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  • A Comprehensive Guide to Nominate Employees for Recognition

    When employees are recognized for their exceptional work, the workplace thrives with success and productivity. However, the recognition programs need to follow certain regulations to be fair to all employees and appeal to them accordingly. Today we will discuss how organizations can nominate employees for recognition.

    Organization leaders need to recognize employees whenever they uphold company guidelines, show appropriate behavior, accomplish milestones, and establish exemplary behavior. Let’s discuss how these metrics help organizations nominate employees for recognition in detail.

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  • The Impact of Recognition on Employee Performance in 2022

    Recognition shows your employees’ appreciation for carrying out some specific predefined desired actions. This form of appreciation can be both monetary and non-monetary. There isn’t just one particular way of showing appreciation towards your employees. The wide array of possible options for showing recognition can confuse employers.

    However, one certain thing is that recognition is one of the most effective ways of improving your employee performance. Be it monetary or otherwise, when employers make sure to provide proper recognition to their employees, it will positively impact your overall company culture and morale. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated. This will lead to better work from their end, and it will eventually help improve the company’s bottom line.

    Let us take a closer look at the effect of recognition on employee performance.

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  • 12 Effective Employee Recognition Ideas for Small Business

    Recognition is one of the important measures businesses can take to keep their employees satisfied and help the business to flourish. Here we will discuss some recognition ideas for small businesses.

    Small businesses can differentiate their recognition approach by different levels to keep the process continuous. In this article, we will discuss different levels of recognition and some ideas for small businesses’ appreciation. Go through the article to find out the best approach for small businesses recognition programs.

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  • Employee Recognition in the Workplace - Why It is Important?

    These days nothing is of more importance than providing employee recognition in company cultures, as it helps to create an engaged workforce for the company. When the company employees are recognized, it helps boost their morale, increase their productivity, and build positive relationships. If employees get recognized for their contributions and achievements by the higher-ups and their peers, it ensures further quality performance by them, which in turn benefits both the company and the employees. However, employee recognition has a lot more importance beyond that. We will talk about that throughout this article. 

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  • Company Culture Value Badges

    Recognize provides its customers, and the public, the ability to utilize the company value symbols that are used in employee recognition and company culture.

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  • Virtual Onboarding Ideas to Welcome New Employees in 2022

    Ever since the pandemic started, most companies have had to shift to remote work. At first, this may have all been a bit daunting. However, after a couple of years of this format of work, both employees and employers have started to see this method of work can also work effectively when done properly. A particular difficulty that employers face is making new employees feel like a part of the organization. Older employees know about their workplace but the newer ones need to be made to feel welcome and part of the team.

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  • Does Compensation Really Motivate Employee Performance?

    Making sure that employees are properly motivated is one of the most common problems that a lot of companies face. Without a dedicated and motivated workforce, you will have problems reaching your goals. In effect, this will have a toll on your bottom line and that is the last thing that you would want as a business owner.

    This is why it is very important you understand how your employees are motivated. You need to understand that you will not be able to motivate every employee you have in the same way. One common method of motivating employees is to compensate them properly or more than adequately. Proper compensation should be done in the first place regardless of any other fact but if you go a bit deeper you will understand compensation is a really important and complex topic. It requires due diligence on your behalf and that is the purpose of this article.

    Let us take a look at how compensation can motivate employees in more detail. Read on to learn more.

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  • Job Satisfaction vs Employee Engagement - Are They Same?

    Employee satisfaction vs engagement has always been a significant dispute among managers and HODs (Head of Departments).

    So, here our experts have reasoned all the differences between these two and also how both can be beneficial in keeping your employees up to their game and staying more motivated at work.

    Therefore, to know it all, keep reading till the end.

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  • How to Calculate Bonuses for Employees in 2022

    Employee bonus is essential to have healthy and flowing work. When your employees receive a bonus, it motivates them to work better and stay more productive. However, how do you determine employee bonuses? 

    Well, there are certain ways to calculate and determine employee bonuses, but there are also a few things that you need to look after before getting to this. So, in this blog, our HR experts and managers have given you the ways with which you can determine your employee bonus calculations. 

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  • How Recognition Impact Employee Engagement and Performance

    Employee appreciation is a pretty compelling idea in modern business, and it has also been one of the key strategies to improve employee engagement. So, how does recognition impact employee engagement?

    The impact of recognition can make your employees stay more productive, punctual, and work in a better and more organized way. That’s not all; it can also make your employees feel valued for their work, motivating them to work better and stay committed.

    In this blog, our experts will let you know the positive impacts of recognition and how they can affect your employee engagement.

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  • Why Employee Engagement is Key to Company Success in 2022

    Engagement in the workplace brings better productivity and success for an organization. Here we will elaborate on how employee engagement affects business results.

    As per Gallup data, employee engagement can increase over 20% organizational productivity. Companies observe less absenteeism, better employee retention rates, better work quality, and improved workplace culture with higher engagement.

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  • Why Employee Turnover is a Big Problem for Business in 2022

    Talented and trained employees are crucial for a business’s growth, while employee turnover can hinder organizational success. Here we will discuss why employee turnover is a problem for a business.

    When an organization experiences employee turnover, it is faced with so many hardships.

    Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

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  • 5 Effective Impact Of Employee Engagement On Productivity

    For any business, it’s essential for employees to be happy at work to increase their productivity. Moreover, it also makes teams want to make significant changes and grow the business.

    When your employees stay productive, they tend to deliver their tasks on time with good quality and fewer errors. Moreover, they can handle the workload pressure and also stay more committed to their workplace. They also stay more engaged to work resulting in better outputs for the company business.

    Here, we’ll discuss how employee engagement increases productivity and why it’s so essential in any workplace.

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  • Employee Participation: A Tool of Motivation and Productivity

    Employee Participation for employees refers to those programs or activities that make employees work together to achieve the best results for the company.

    It sometimes goes even further and refers to the process where employees actively help make decisions. Through this, no decisions will be made by any particular employee, instead, it will be the decision of the entire team. This will motivate employees to get better engagement and also motivate them to perform better and stay dedicated to their work.

    So, in this blog post, our experts have come up with some amazing ways to increase motivation through employee participation.

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  • Impact of Employee Motivation on Organizational Performance

    An organization’s progress is directly related to the motivated employees working in it. In this post, we’ll discuss how employee motivation impacts organizational performance and the organization’s overall progress.

    Motivated employees direct their efforts towards achieving organizational goals and positive returns. They get satisfaction from reaching their goals and finding value in their job. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

    Create an Official Recognition & Rewards Program at Your Company

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  • Employee Involvement & Participation - Why it Matters in 2022

    Hiring the best talents isn’t enough for a company to succeed; you also need to ensure your employees meet your organizational needs. Mold your employees and their work styles by practicing involvement programs that increase their motivation, productivity, and output. You may be thinking, but how can employee involvement measures motivate employees?

    Employee involvement measures refer to the process of letting employees input their opinion about decisions that affect their work. This may be through company meetings, committees, etc. When employees are involved in the decision-making process, they have more autonomy over their work and workplace. Having a say makes them more committed and loyal to the company; hence they are less likely to switch or quit jobs. They feel important, contributing personnel and are motivated to work more efficiently and productively.

    Are you interested to know more? Let’s dive into the article!

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  • Expert Advice for Motivating Negative Employees in 2022

    When you have negative employees in your organization, it can really make things difficult for you to conduct your business properly. It will lead to a lot of undesirable outcomes such as greater turnover and very poor job satisfaction.

    There is also the fact these individuals can affect the morale of the entire organization and make the whole workplace a very toxic environment. It will ultimately lead to an overall decline in productivity, and that will, in turn, affect the company’s bottom line. The last thing any company would want is to have to lower their profits. This is why it is so important to know how to deal with negative employees in the workplace seriously and professionally. It should be your goal to make sure that the office is a comfortable place to work in for all employees.

    Let us take a look at some ways you can motivate your employees who are feeling negative about their work and their place in the workplace.

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  • 4 Benefits of Highly Motivated Employees & How to Improve

    Properly motivating employees is probably one of the most important things that any business really needs to pay attention to. If you do not have motivated employees, you do not have engaged employees. If you do not have engaged employees, it will most definitely hurt your bottom line.

    On the other hand, however, properly motivating employees will really do a world of good for your company or business. One thing that we would like to point out right from the offset is the fact that the process of motivating staff in the workplace needs to be a routine thing. A lot of companies sadly fail to understand the true value of proper motivation for their employees.

    Therefore, in this article, we will be taking a look at exactly why employee motivation is of such significance for any business or company.

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  • How to Motivate an Easily Overwhelmed Employee in 2022

    Employees are the key to the progress and success of any organization or company. It is quite common for employees to get overwhelmed due to workload, work environment, peer pressure, and so forth. An overwhelmed employee loses productivity, dedication, and willingness to work. So you may be thinking, how to motivate an overwhelmed employee?

    Understand the reason(s) that stress out your employees and overwhelm them. Figure out which way best connects with your overwhelmed employee and motivate them accordingly. Recognition, appreciation, and reward are undoubtedly some of the best ways to motivate your overwhelmed employee. You can also provide them with work flexibility and some time off if needed. Talk with them one-on-one to guide them. Ensure colleagues and peers are also keeping a helpful environment.

    Interested to learn more? Let’s dive into the article.

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  • How to Motivate an Unhappy Employee - 10 Best Practices

    Despite the best efforts of organization leaders, it is possible that some employees would be unhappy. Here we will discuss ways to motivate an unhappy employee to avoid such situations.

    Assessing the overall situation carefully, setting appropriate goals, and handling the disputes with delicacy is the key to motivating unhappy employees. These measures will vary depending on organizational culture, management style, and employee behavior. Let’s discuss them in detail.

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  • Top 8 Factors that Affect Employee Motivation in 2022

    For any company to succeed, its employees need to be productive, dedicated, and creative. All of these are affected by their motivation. You may be thinking, what are the factors affecting employee motivation?

    Employee motivation factors refer to any element that boosts the employees’ overall motivation to perform tier duties effectively. Each human being is different, so each employee requires motivation uniquely. Employee motivation can be mainly categorized into two options: extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Meanwhile, you can categorize motivation factors into two groups. They are motivating factors or satisfiers and demotivating factors or dissatisfiers.

    Interested to learn what they mean and what the factors are? Let’s dive into the article to learn in-depth!

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  • 7 Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale and Motivation in 2022

    When it comes to the success and growth of a company, very few things bear as much importance as employee morale and motivation. Employee morale refers to the overall satisfaction, emotion, and outlook of the employees regarding their work and workplace. The perception of the employees for their workplace and workplace environment plays a big role in their productivity and motivation. And employee motivation refers to the drive that the employees feel to do a great job at their workplace and bring in better results.

    When the employees of a company have high morale, they enjoy their work and feel happy working for the company. On the other hand, employees that have low morale are dissatisfied with their work and the workplace and tend to have a negative outlook towards their work. Low employee morale can create a negative mindset in the workplace and reduce the confidence level and concentration of the employees. These can result in missed deadlines, mistakes in work, and poor performance and results that will cost the company.

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  • 6 Actionable Tips to Motivate Underperforming Employee

    Your employees are the backbone of your company and you need to ensure they are productive and engaged to deliver the best services.

    However, there may be those employees who are less productive and might be underperforming at work. It really doesn’t mean they are not capable. Instead, they are less motivated or don’t find the right motivation to carry out their tasks. Lack of recognition might also be a reason that they are underperforming.

    In this blog post, you’ll know all the effective ways how to motivate your underperforming employee and make them an asset to your company.

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  • 7 Factors Influencing Employee Turnover Intention in 2022

    A company cannot progress or gain success without the contribution of its employees. Employees’ hard work and dedication are what keep the company running smoothly. However, there is no guarantee that employees will work only at one workplace throughout their lives. There are a few factors influencing employee turnover rate.

    Employee turnover refers to how many employees leave an organization within a timeframe. Some key factors influencing employees to quit their jobs are job satisfaction, communication, colleague relation, organizational commitment, justice, politics, reputation, etc. 

    Are you interested to learn in-depth? Read along!

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  • 7 Reasons Why Employee Retention is Important in 2022

    Human resource is all about figuring out how to keep employees at the top of their game so that there is more business for your company to grow and shine. This is why the importance of employee retention matters so much to grow a business.  

    Employee retention is strategies that a company uses to keep the best employees committed to their company and reduce the chance of them quitting or leaving. However, many HR professionals and managers face hard times to keep their employees committed and growing businesses due to the lack of proper employee retention.

    So, in this blog post, you’ll know the importance and benefits of employee retention and how it can benefit your business to grow.

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  • How Does Diversity Impact Employee Retention in 2022

    A workplace that values all kinds of employees will definitely attract employees to your organization or company. 

    Diversity plays a vital role in the retention of employees. The reason is pretty simple, everyone loves to work for a company where there is acceptance of all kinds of people and by retaining diverse employees everyone’s appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Moreover, when they get the opportunities to grow and learn new things, this will surely allow your employees to stay more committed.

    So, in this blog post, you’ll know how diversity impacts employee retention and also how you can improve diversity. Keep reading to know it all.   

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  • Challenges and Limitations of Employee Retention in 2022

    While employee retention holds a lot of advantages, there are several limitations as well. Here we will be talking about the limitations of retention within an organization.

    Organizations may have to retain less-qualified employees with employee retention and suffer from groups and a toxic workplace environment. Thus the workplace culture can be destroyed and it can affect work quality. Let’s discuss the employee retention issues.

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  • How Employee Motivation Increases Employee Retention

    No matter what size of business you run, as a leader, it’s your prime responsibility to keep your employees up to their full potential. 

    Employee retention and motivation are interrelated with one another. The role of motivation in employee retention is the key to keeping your employees productive and committed to the work. Moreover, it’ll also bring professionalism and commitment to the workforce which will sync all the employees to grow and build your business.

    So, to increase the productivity of your employees, motivation and recognition can be one of the most significant ways of doing it. 

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  • High Employee Turnover? The Real Causes & Effects

    One of the biggest concerns for many companies is employee turnover. If the employee turnover rate in a company is high it can have some negative effects on the company and its employees. It can be difficult to stick with the culture and target of the company if there’s a constant need for hiring and training new employees. It’s easier to have a more engaged and focused workforce and maintain positivity in the workplace with a low turnover rate.

    You might want to know if the employee turnover rate is high at your company, how it can affect the ways of the company. We will talk about that throughout this article. 

    Staff turnover refers to the number of employees who leave a company and are needed to be replaced within a specific time period. The more employees leave within that time period, the higher the employee turnover rate of a company will be. If the turnover rate of a company is high, it affects the company a lot. The effects can be both negative and positive, but negative effects outweigh the positive ones by a lot. A high turnover rate affects company revenue, workplace morale, service or product quality, return on investment rate, the effectiveness of the workforce, and more. 

    Let’s have a deeper look at the effects of employee turnover.

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  • 7 Heartfelt Employee Engagement Activities for Valentine’s Day

    Since Valentine’s day is the day of love, everyone deserves to feel loved on this joyous occasion. No matter if someone has a special person in their life or not. You can show appreciation to your beloved employees at the workplace on this day. As many of them won’t be able to spend time with their loved ones due to work, you can arrange something nice for them at the workplace to make them feel better and more engaged.  You can easily find fun and new ways to appreciate your employees and enhance their engagement level with the workplace on this special occasion. 

    You might want to know what special measures you can take at your workplace on the day of love to increase the engagement level of your employees. In this article, we have put together a list of engagement activities that you can incorporate for your employees on Valentine’s day. 

    You can keep implementing various activities at your workplace to enhance the engagement level of your employees throughout the year. But you can try taking a different approach by implementing valentines day activities for work. You can try providing a touch of love in the employee engagement activities you want to organize on that day. You can try making your employees feel loved, acknowledged, and recognized on this special day through these activities. There are many kinds of such activities that you can go for on the day of love.

    Here are some valentine’s day employee engagement ideas that you can implement at your workplace-

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  • 10 Creative Funny Award Names for Employee Recognition

    Have you ever considered choosing funny award names for employee recognition? Funny award names can encourage your employees to be more creative and stay engaged in the workplace. However, not everyone is aware of where to begin.

    Funny award names are critical in identifying your team’s area of creativity. You can also say that it is more about the department’s and employees’ identity. This not only boosts their morale but even improves workplace engagement.

    Here in this blog post, you’ll know the top 10 funny award names for employee retention

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  • ROI Calculator for Employee Recognition Launched

    Try out our free robust return on investment calculator to read accurate cost/savings of an employee recognition & rewards program.

    ROI Calculator

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  • 10 Benefits of Employee Incentive Programs in The Workplace

    Employee incentive programs are designed to encourage employees for their exceptional work. Here we will discuss 10 benefits of employee incentive programs.

    Why are incentives important? Employee incentive programs allow companies to improve productivity, reduce employee retention, and lower production costs. It builds engagement among employees to encourage teamwork, boost morale and motivation. Both the employees and employers benefited from the incentive programs.

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  • 7 Tips to Conduct Employee Engagement Survey

    It’s crucial for the success and growth of a company or organization to get its employees engaged with their work and workplace. If the employees of a company are engaged and committed to it, they become highly motivated to keep bringing in better results for the company. That’s why it’s paramount for any company to properly measure the engagement levels of their employees. For doing so, they need to conduct proper employee engagement surveys.

    If you are concerned about the employee engagement level of your company, you must conduct employee engagement surveys. You might want to know how you can conduct staff engagement surveys properly. We will talk about it throughout this article. 

    Employee engagement is related to various aspects of employee experience. A lot of things play an important role in the engagement of employees, such as emotional and physical well-being of employees, employee motivation, employee satisfaction, performance standard, psychological security, etc. There is no short-cut way of measuring employee engagement, as all these factors and more affect employee engagement. For conducting a proper survey, you can go through this checklist-

    – Defining what you want to measure

    – Deciding how you want to measure employee engagement

    – Designing your own employee engagement survey

    – Fabricating your questionnaire properly

    – Choosing a proper provider for your employee engagement survey

    – One-to-one or focus group surveys for making it more personal

    – Acting on the results of your survey

    Read on to have an in-depth look at these steps. 

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  • 2022 New Year Update

    Broadcast emails now support formatting, such as bold and line breaks.

    Improved performance of web server due to additional traffic, create recognition page, and the company admin users page.

    Improved badge-remaining API for a near-future update to the mobile app.

    Prevent blank locales to be added in user spreadsheet upload.

    Allow for 0 points on company fulfilled rewards.

    Upgraded design of overall application via Bootstrap 5 upgrade.

    Hall of Fame user experience improved for large winning sets.

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  • 6 Types of Creative Awards for New Employee

    Employee recognition awards are essential to encourage your employees to perform their best and stay up to their game. However, what about your new employees? 

    Awards for new employees are just as important for any other employees in the agency or company. When you recognize your new recruits, there are higher chances that they would be more dedicated to performing better and stay more committed to the company. 

    There are many ways you can carry out a successful employee awards program and provide effective new employee recognition programs. In this blog post, you’ll know about some of the best awards for new employees so that you can build an iron determination and commitment among them. 

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  • 10 Affordable & Creative Employee Appreciation Week Ideas for 2022

    Your employees are the backbone of your company’s growth and it’s essential for you to appreciate them to keep them motivated. This will not only motivate your employees to give their best performances but will also ensure the overall growth of your company. 

    Staff appreciation weeks are essential because it motivates your employees to stay more committed to your company or organization and they even feel valued for their efforts. This automatically creates loyalty and commitment towards your company, and this will also help your company to make more business and stay up to the game. 

    So, in this blog post, you’ll know about some of the best employee appreciation ideas for both large and small companies that can help your employees and businesses to grow simultaneously.

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  • Recognition Ideas to Reward Employees for Perfect Attendance

    It is important to recognize that the employees who are consistently keeping up their attendance records, deserve to be recognized and appreciated. They are going above and beyond what they are expected to do and are really taking on the mantle of the ideal employee.

    It is important to note that this will have significant benefits for your business and your final bottom line. Also, when some of the employees of a workforce are putting in such exemplary effort, it will also motivate the other employees to do their best as well. 

    This is why it is important that we recognize employees who have perfect attendance records. People who are considered to be thought leaders in these fields have constantly pointed out that absenteeism can have drastically negative consequences for the company’s bottom line. 

    Therefore, in this article, we will be taking a look at how you can properly reward your employees with perfect attendance records. Note that there are right and wrong ways of doing things. In this article, we will talk about the awards that actually mean something to your employees and inspire them to do even better. 

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  • How to Celebrate Black History Month at Work - 7 Meaningful Ways

    Black History Month has become a staple month of recognition of black excellence, culture, and the greatness of the formerly enslaved people. It celebrates the time the rightful place of African-Americans as equal citizens were first recognized, and is, therefore, a very important and historical month for all Americans. 

    So, the question then arises, how do you celebrate this wonderful month within your company or organization? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to talk about – celebrating black excellence in the workplace during February, Black History Month. 

    We will talk about how to properly celebrate this momentous month. It really is the duty and responsibility of all employers to make sure that proper attention is given to celebrating Black History Month. Let’s see various ways to celebrate black history month at work.

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  • 13 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas in 2022

    All the employees of a company whether they work remotely or in-office, play an important role in contributing to the company. However, in many companies, remote employees are left behind from different recognitions and facilities. This is what makes these employees lose interest in their work and tend to quit.

    Virtual employee engagements are equally important as any other employee improvement program. Moreover, due to a lack of proper virtual employee engagement ideas, remote employees don’t seem to get the proper work-life balance. 

    So, in this blog post, you’ll know about some of the best virtual employee engagement ideas that you can implement to get the most out of your virtual employees. 

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  • Employee of the Month Program - Innovative Ideas for 2022

    The employee of the month program is a great way to recognize your hard-working employees and is crucial for employee engagement. Here we will discuss some of the best practices for the employee of the month program.

    Arranging an effective employee of the month program, specifying parameters, having a collective decision, proper recognition gifts, and public announcements are the best practices to make an employee of the month program engaging, successful, and effective. We will discuss these factors in detail right below.

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  • How to Choose Employee of The Month - Complete Guide

    When an employee of your company works exceptionally well based on the company standards in a particular month or a certain duration, you can award them with the employee of the month award. You can provide trophies or other special gifts or advantages in the form of this award.

    As you will be providing this award to your best-performing employees on a monthly basis, it can be a bit difficult and tricky to choose the person you are going to provide this with. You might want to know how you can choose the employee of the month conveniently. In this article, we will talk about the choosing process of the employee of the month.

    For choosing the employee of the month you will need to follow some specific steps. These steps are-

    – Setting up a checklist of criteria for the employee of the month

    – Creating a proper voting system to select the employee of the month

    – Verifying the criteria for selecting the employee of the month

    – Assessing the qualities that are needed for an employee to be nominated for this award

    – Finally choosing an employee from the list of nominated employees

    Let’s have a deeper look into the steps throughout the rest of the article.

    Create an Official Employee of the Month & Rewards Program at Your Company

    Learn more by contacting our recognition specialist team.

    Schedule a Demo

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  • Employee Retention Credit Calculation - How to Calculate

    The pandemic situation keeps on bringing in new challenges to small businesses and because of this, the government has come forward to offer financial resources to these businesses. 

    Among so many financial resources, ERC ( Employee Retention Credit ) established in the CARES Act is considered to be one of the significant contributions from the government so far. 

    From the initial time, this ERC was put under the action, there have been some changes and expansions with this program. The first was under the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, and later was under the American Rescue Plan Act. 

    However, the overall ERC program is pretty complicated. Therefore, with the help of this blog post, you’ll know how the overall credit works, calculate employee retention credit, eligibility requirements, and many more. This will allow you to understand whether ERC is better for your business or not.

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  • How to Reduce Employee Turnover - 8 Effective Strategies

    It goes without saying that all businesses or companies aim to develop and maintain an optimized resource pool. The perseverance and skill set of the resources determine the success of the projects. 

    Therefore, maintaining them over time is crucial to achieving profit and commercial success. Despite the best resource management techniques, businesses frequently struggle to develop the optimal resource retention plan.

    However, today employees’ expectations have extended beyond a paycheck only. They desire a more recognizable working environment that allows them to advance in their careers.

    The responsibility is on the supervisors and managers to foster an engaged workforce among the employees while also keeping the firm’s long-term aims in mind.

    This article discusses several strategies to reduce employee turnover to develop a meaningful staff retention strategy and foster a healthy work environment.

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  • Reward Your Employees Without Incurring Expenses

    Employees are the most critical assets of an organization. Their excellent work leads the organization towards success and growth. When employees are engaged and encouraged in their workplace, the company experiences a significant increase in productivity.

    In order to keep the employees engaged and productive, a good recognition program can go a long way. However, most organizations have a misconception that employee recognition programs cost a substantial amount of money.

    The truth is, you can develop excellent inexpensive rewards for employees by spending a little or close to nothing. Here we will discuss the ways you can reward your employees without incurring expenses.

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  • Best Employee Engagement Apps in 2021

    Employee engagement is really important when it comes to achieving desired success and growth for the company. It is also paramount for upholding the core values and work culture of the company. With employee engagement apps, you can achieve this with ease.

    When the employees of a company are highly engaged with the workplace and their work, their productivity gets highly increased. They try to work harder and put in more effort for the company. As a result, the company experiences better results and profits, and also it manages to achieve its desired growth. Employee loyalty also gets increased, so employee retention rate also increases.

    That’s why it is really important to have a proper and functioning employee engagement program at your company. You can try implementing one in many different ways, and in doing so, you can get assistance from different apps. There are various apps that you can use to increase the engagement of your employees. These apps take care of different specific things that are important for your employee recognition program. 

    In this article, we will look into apps that can be really helpful for implementing a proper employee engagement program in your workplace.

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  • How to Use Employee Incentive Programs Template?

    The success of a company mostly depends on the efforts of the employees. So, it’s essential that you try to keep them satisfied at moment possible. 

    A pay rise might be one of the most effective ways to encourage your employees to work better. Therefore, starting with employee incentive programs might be a great solution to increase the profits of your company or business. 

    Encouragement and motivation to your employees will boost their confidence to work better and with more dedication.  

    Therefore, in this article, we’ll look through the importance of these programs with regards to overall employee motivation and engagement levels. 

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  • How To Improve Employee Retention - 6 Actionable Strategies

    Employee retention is an important factor for any workplace. Organizations train their employees to get the work done and overcome day-to-day challenges. Companies spend a sizable amount of budget and time on the training and development of employees.

    Whenever employees quit an organization, all the assets invested by the company on that employee are completely gone. Therefore, employee turnover is very costly for any company.

    For reducing costs and keeping the existing talents working for your company, you will need to know how to increase employee retention and solid retention strategies. Thus, you can keep your employees satisfied, engaged, and loyal.

    In this article, we will discuss various ways to improve employee retention that work for any company.

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  • Top 17 HR Trends in 2021 You Can’t Ignore

    Employees are one of the most valuable assets for the growth of any company or organization.

    For any business to be successful, you need an enhanced workforce aligning with effective latest HR strategies. 

    With the rapid technological advancement, the HR departments of many companies are gradually transforming over the years. 

    Therefore, in this blog post, we’ll look at the top 17 HR trends in 2021 that can help you to boom your business and create a strong position in this competitive industry.

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  • Here's What Industry Insiders Say About 10 Employee Engagement Research And Statistics

    High employee engagement will lead to high productivity, better job satisfaction, higher revenue, and more sales and profits.

    When your employees are active and engaged in the working environment, they’ll feel happier and will also try to achieve the company’s goals. In this article, you will know about the top 10 employee engagement research topics and statistics that can help you to manage your employees better.

    So, read all the information and stats to have a better understanding of employee engagement.

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  • Top Benefits of Spot Bonus Programs in Workplace

    These days nothing is more important in a workplace than rewarding its employees for their hard work and efforts. Employees that give their best for the company deserve to be recognized and rewarded by the higher-ups of the company. Rewarding the employees is important for making them feel happy, appreciated, and valued. This makes the employees feel more engaged with the workplace and their work. They also feel more driven and motivated to keep doing better in their jobs. In turn, the company enjoys massive success and growth. 

    Employees of a company can be rewarded or recognized in many different ways. One of the effective ways you can reward your employees, and make them feel rewarded is by providing them with on-the-spot cash awards. It can be highly encouraging and motivating for the employees to keep up the good work. These days spot bonuses are being used by more and more businesses and organizations to increase employee motivation, employee engagement, employee loyalty, and employee retention.

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  • Key KPIs to Employee Engagement Measurement

    When employees of an organization or a company get engaged with their workplace, they feel more driven and motivated to do a good job. They try to put more and more effort into their job, which in turn results in massive growth and success for the company. But getting employees engaged with the workplace isn’t something easy to do. Employee engagement requires providing the right resources to support the employees in their respective roles, providing recognition for their hard work, and a great show of leadership from the higher-ups.

    These days employee engagement has become highly crucial for keeping the employees inspired and connected. It matters for achieving company success, as well as, developing the skills of the employees to attain future goals. That’s why it is important for a company or an organization to understand how engaged their employees are in the workplace. Traditionally, specific surveys were used to measure employee engagement, but they are outdated now as they fail to reflect how modern employees operate. Those methods fail to show what they need and desire.

    Employee engagement measurement in real-time can help companies achieve good results. It is just as important as measuring sales and finances. Understanding the perception and emotions of employees is paramount for maintaining an engaged and successful workforce and workplace culture. Getting your employees content and engaged will bring long-term success for the company.

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  • 20 Effective Employee Engagement Strategies In Workplace

    To run a business properly, it is important to ensure that the employees are engaged with the workplace. If the employees of a company are highly engaged, it does wonders for the company regarding experiencing growth and bringing in results. Getting employees engaged with the workplace is highly effective for a business strategy but can’t be done easily. You’ll need to put an effective employee engagement tactics program in motion.

    Employees need to get motivated by the higher-ups so that they can feel more engaged with the workplace. Everyone likes to get appreciated and recognized for their good work. The same thing works for the employees of an organization or a business too. If they get appreciated and recognized enough for their hard work and efforts, they feel more engaged with the workplace. As a result, they feel more driven to keep doing better in their jobs, which in turn helps the company to see massive growth and success. 

    That’s why every company needs to have some practical and successful employee engagement strategies to keep their employees happy and engaged and bring in better results. This article will look into 20 effective employee engagement strategies that you can implement in your company.

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  • Color Contrast Rules to Live by for HR Tech

    Do your HR tech tools and apps conform to web content accessibility guidelines? What about your own website or content? Learn how to check and make sure everyone can use your products successfully.

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  • Top 44 Most Engaging Employee Recognition Quotes in Workplace

    Dedicated and engaging employees are precious assets of an organization. They contribute their best to the organization and increase productivity. It’s the job of companies to keep their employees motivated, engaged, and competent.

    Appreciation and recognition go a long way to keep employees engaged. These practices motivate employees to give their best work for the organization’s growth. 

    Leaders understand the importance of supporting, prioritizing, and thanking employees for their support and excellent work. However, getting inspiration from successful business leaders, authors can help new leaders to develop their strategies.

    For helping future leaders, here are some inspirational recognition quotes for employees. You can use these quotes as your desktop wallpaper, banner, poster for reminding you of the importance of employee recognition.

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  • How to Give Recognition of Achievement

    For employees to feel motivated and develop superior work ethics, proper recognition from their respective employers is crucial. Not getting proper recognition is one of the key reasons people leave their job.

    The ultimate goal of recognition programs is to bring out the best in the employees and enhance productivity. Moreover, employees expect their workplace to be engaging and enjoyable. For building a loyal and stable workforce, an organization requires recognition of the achievements of its employees. However, certain factors must be considered.

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  • Employee Years of Service Awards and Milestones Awards

    Not all the years of service awards are the same. Some lack the excitement, some are too jumbled, and some programs are not even liked by those participating in them.

    There are some definite reasons why a lot of these milestone awards or service-related awards are not utilized to their full potential. This is a sort of lost opportunity for many companies when it comes to making sure their employees feel appreciated and seen.

    Employee service and milestone awards are the traditional ways of improving employee engagement and satisfaction. It’s also one of the main ways of showing your appreciation towards your dedicated employees. When these employee service award programs are ignored or neglected, they also increase the chances of disengaged and unmotivated employees.

    It’s essential to provide visibility to your employees. This will make them feel more recognized and appreciated.

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  • A List of Meaningful Employee Awards

    Recognition for a job well done fulfills a basic human need for acknowledgment and affirmation. It also helps to keep staff engaged and motivated. The WorkHuman Research Institute’s study on ROI of achievement recognition found that 82% of employees are more engaged, and 79% involve themselves more when they receive regular recognition for their work. When we are recognized for our contributions, we naturally engage at a higher level and contribute more. Award certificates take recognition a step further by not only showcasing an employee’s achievements but also serving as a memento of accomplishment and appreciation.

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  • 45 Inspiring Employee Appreciation Awards Ideas in 2021

    Employee appreciation isn’t something you need to do as an act of charity, it will also have a very positive impact on your business. You won’t find anyone that doesn’t like to get appreciated and valued for their hard work and efforts. This is even more true for the employees of an organization or a business. If you want to keep the morale of your employees high, and want them to stay productive, it is necessary you give them employee appreciation awards.

    You need to recognize the efforts and hard work that your employees put in for your business. It is paramount that you make them feel noticed, appreciated, and recognized. This won’t only keep your employees happy, it will also have a significant amount of impact on the workplace. These will mean important metrics such as employee engagement, productivity, and retention goes up.

    Employee appreciation awards have now become an integral part of the corporate culture. It adds value to the hard work and achievements of the employees in different and unique ways. Due to this, employee appreciation award systems have become popular in organizations and businesses. Providing your employees with the appreciation they deserve will help you get the best out of them. When an employee gets applauded and recognized for their good performance, they feel elated and inspired to keep doing a good job. It also drives them to have bigger goals and ambitions and to be even better in their jobs.

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  • Covid-19 Vaccination Badge

    When your employees get the vaccine, give them monetary recognition. Send it either as a group recognition or individual recognition. The recognition can be sent privately or publicly shared to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Yammer. The vaccination recognition can be sent as an executive impersonated by an executive assistant.

    Here’s the graphic to help.

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  • Rewards and Incentives for Employees - Employee Motivation at Its Peak

    If the higher-ups offer proper rewards and incentives to their employees in a workplace, it doesn’t only benefit the employees. It also benefits the employers too. Rewards and incentives for employees are used in numerous workplaces these days in order to motivate the employees and boost their morale. These things also help to develop teamwork among the employees through friendly competition.

    Providing the best incentives for employees is important to keep them productive in their work. These things drive them to keep doing better in their jobs. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and valued for their efforts and hard work. That’s why it’s important to recognize an employee’s effort for a business or an organization. If a workplace provides its employees with proper incentives and rewards, it creates a positive vibe around the workplace.

    When employees get proper incentives and rewards in their workplace, the business experiences increased employee loyalty. They will also see an increase in productivity, revenue, and growth. These also help with other essential workplace metrics such as employee engagement, employee retention, etc.

    Various incentives and rewards have now become an integral part of the corporate culture. If a company gives performance incentives for employees, they feel inspired and elated to keep up the good work. They feel more engaged in the workplace, and as a result, it becomes easier for a company to retain its best employees.

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  • Top Employee Incentive Programs Examples in Workplace

    Innovation, good work ethics, and morale are three critical pillars for an organization to grow and prosper. Employee incentive programs are effective ways to promote these qualities along with efficiency and productivity. An organization can effectively use employee incentive programs for employee branding, recruitment, engagement, and retention as well.

    With employee incentive programs, a company can reward its hard-working employees. At the same time, it is possible to inspire other employees to reach their highest potential. The program itself may not break the budget of the company but it can provide great results.

    If you want to initiate an incentive program but are struggling to find one, here are a few ideas you can consider for your company.

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  • 9 ways companies celebrate customer service week

    Customer service week is an annual event during the first week of October. The week started in 1992 when U.S. Congress passed as a nationally recognized event. It is a time to think back and appreciate the hardships customer service teams endure throughout the year. Customer Support keeps customers happy and in turn, keeps the company alive.

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  • The one thing to consider for ordering company values in a recognition program

    The order of your company values is an aspect many HR professionals and executives overlook. See why it is important to order the company values in a way that gets staff to read all of the values when sending an employee recognition.

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  • Observing Pride Month in the Workplace

    Pride Month commemorates the Stonewall Uprising on June 28th, 1969, when six undercover officers raided a gay club called the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City. The police alleged the raid was due to the bar operating with an improper liquor license. Still, in truth, it was an excuse to violently assail and arrest employees and patrons in a place that served as a haven for the city’s gay, lesbian, drag queen, and cross-dressing community. While incidents like this were common and had been occurring for decades, The Stonewall Uprising was one of the first times the patrons defended themselves and refused to be intimidated. As police violently hauled customers and employees out of the bar, a riot broke out, leading to six days of protests and clashes with law enforcement. In 1970, on the first anniversary of the uprising, thousands marched in the first New York City Pride March. These events were a turning point for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States.

    Today, Pride Month celebrates equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community and allows us to recognize these individual’s impact on history, locally, nationally, and internationally. Throughout the month, people celebrate through various events such as festivals, concerts, and workshops. However, large city parades are generally the most visible elements of Pride Month at workplaces in the United States, Canada, England, Australia, Greenland, Brazil, and Hungary.

    But what about in the Workplace? If your organization would like to observe Pride Month, promote inclusion and diversity, and support your LGBTQ+ employees, there are ways that you can do this both in person and in virtual offices.

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  • Award Certificate Generator for Work Anniversaries

    Check out the latest tool from Recognize – a way to easily create service anniversary award certificates. Creates a printable high-res PDF based on your specified information. Translated into numerous languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Polish, French Canadian, and more.

    Create a customized award certificate

    Service anniversary award certificate

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  • Pro Tips to Run Successful Pilot Programs at Your Company

    When launching a new enterprise program, you’ve probably considered whether it’s necessary to pilot the program with a small group of users first or just launch the program and address issues as you go. In our experience, pilots are generally a good idea for a number of reasons. They allow us to get a glimpse into what things will be like when the program is rolled out at scale. Pilots also allow us to mitigate problems on a smaller scale and catch and correct them before they reach a wider audience. Perhaps there are details we haven’t thought of that come up in the pilot, but in being proactive, we can now plan for the unexpected when we launch at scale. But how to run a pilot program? How do we make sure our pilot is successful and serves its purpose?

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  • Getting Started with a Corporate Wellness Program

    A corporate wellness program can be incredibly complex or quite simple. Either way, it should be aligned with leader expectations and consider input from the employees. The results can be staggering. Outlined in this article, employees report feeling better, happier with their employment, and taking fewer sick days. Whatever program you ultimately design, in the end, employees that use it should like it. However, not everyone has to love it to still get an ROI.

    Most companies that have under 20 employees may find it a challenge to implement all strategies outlined in this article. Since small companies have a limited number of employees for team challenges or just the availability in time to implement. For smaller companies, consider the number of people it takes to play pickleball, ultimate frisbee, or simply clean a park/river/wooded area/neighborhood. The great part about cleaning parks of trash is you don’t have to be together. You can be at your own parks and share photos of before and after shots on your business collaboration tools, such as Slack or MS Teams.

    Two things to consider going forward into a corporate wellness program: services and competition. Provide services to your employees such as access to online mental health, encourage healthy eating, online classes, and provide outlets to quit smoking or drinking. Concurrently, companies can utilize the power of gamification and competition. Think group competition rather than individual competition. Create groups across pods (e.g. cross-functional groups) or departments.

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  • Comprehensive List of Employee Recognition Program Names

    Selecting an interesting and catchy name for your employee recognition program can be instrumental in setting it up for success. After all, this will be your staff’s first impression of the program and studies have shown that over 70% of employees across organizations believe that an interesting program name is indicative of how interesting the program is likely to be. Recognize’s “Custom Labels” feature offered in our Enterprise Package allows customers to choose a name that creates a meaningful connection with their staff, is relevant to their company values, and can tie in with their organization’s brand.

    Choosing the right name can take time and effort. We’ve cultivated a list of impactful employee recognition program names to help you get started.

    Create an Official Recognition & Rewards Program at Your Company

    Learn more by contacting our recognition specialist team.

    Schedule a Demo

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  • Credit Union Employee Recognition: 4 Effective Ways!

    People are moving to Credit Unions because CUs provide a better member experience. Part of that experience is interacting with happier staff. Since CUs are for the community and are smaller by nature than big banks, the HR team has a better chance at engaging and keeping staff happy. HR member experience teams know that when employees are happy, members are happy.

    Learn more about employee recognition & rewards at credit unions

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  • Comprehensive List of Company Values

    Over 50 ideas to help focus your company around common principles.

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  • 2021 Human Resources Trends

    On Christmas Eve, 2020, the Recognize team published their trends predictions for the HR industry going into 2021. In the article, we look back at our last year’s predictions to see where we fell short or hit the mark. The trends are based on linked research as well as the Recognize’s own experience working with companies in the Americas and abroad.

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  • How to Engage Frontline Employees

    We asked seven business leaders how they were engaging their frontline workers or advising their clients on engaging their diverse workforce. With many workers now at home, it is even harder to get a pulse of the organization and engage in the right way. At Recognize, employee recognition online is only half the battle. To engage frontline workers, Recognize provides a frontline worker package to SMS login, recognize staff, and redeem a reward. Further, printed certificates, physical buttons to press, and TVs of recognitions are all strategies to recognize frontline workers.

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  • The Comprehensive Guide to Working from Home

    Original research from Recognize into working from home and employee engagement, productivity, and happiness. This article is to help team managers, human resources, and individual contributors navigate WFH.

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  • Emotional Intelligence Interview Questions

    Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ (Emotional Quotient), refers to a person’s ability to manage their emotions positively. Individuals with higher EQ can effectively control their stress levels, empathize with others, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and deal with challenging situations. Having employees with high EQ is a blessing for any workplace. Employers should try to understand candidates’ level of emotional intelligence when they are called in for job interviews. One of the most effective ways to do so is to ask the right questions. In this article, we would like to recommend 10 interview questions to identify emotional intelligence in job interviews.

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  • Amazing Award Certificates

    In honor of all the great work employees do out there, Recognize is providing 10 free incredible employee award certificate templates for various occasions.
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  • 5 Ways to Use Recognize during COVID-19

    Ways your company can use platforms like Recognize to make your employees' lives better during the ongoing pandemic
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  • Cultivate Positive Remote Work Experience

    10 ways your company can cultivate a positive remote work experience so that everybody wins.
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  • Employee Recognition in Okta

    How you can use identity and access management providers like Okta hand in hand with Recognize
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  • You Better Recognize

    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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  • Become a Zoom Power User

    A cheat sheet to get the most out of Zoom teleconferencing
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  • Banking Health Survey

    Recognize published the survey results looking at health of workers in the finance industry and employee recognition.
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  • Utilizing employee recognition & incentives to combat Coronavirus in your company

    How we can utilize employee recognition and help ourselves to fight the coronavirus outbreak.
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  • Combat Burnout in Healthcare

    How Recognition and Engagement can combat Burnout in Healthcare
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  • Human Resource Trends for 2020

    See Recognize's predictions for 2020 in HR, while we also look back at 2019 trends.
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  • Website Design Trends of 2019

    Our writings can't always be about HR and employee engagement. Here's a look at the web designs we saved in 2019 that we loved.
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  • How to Engage your Employees in Office 365

    How to leverage your existing Office 365 subscription to engage and retain employees.
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  • How to run an awesome volunteer program with Recognize Incentives

    As the dust settles on new year celebrations, it doesn't take long for good wishes to turn to new year's resolutions. With 2019 undoubtedly wrapping up as a year to put climate change and sustainability on the map and make the world “Greta” again, why not kick off 2020 with the resolve to give back a little?
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  • Ways to Foster Employee Engagement

    10 Great Ways to Foster Authentic Employee Engagement from reducing stress to getting feedback.
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  • Mental Health Research

    A Recognize-funded study into the correlation between low sense of appreciation and issues with mental health.
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  • Employee Recognition Stats for Healthcare

    A look into nurse burn out and the effects of recognition within health industry, such as hospitals or medical technology fields.
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  • You Better Recognize

    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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  • Employee Recognition Report

    Research into what employees want in an employee recognition and from their company.
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  • Human Resource Trends for 2019

    Where HR is going in 2019 and a look back at 2018 events. Recognize pretended more technology and a marrying of IT and HR.
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  • Employee Recognition Trends for 2019

    At look back at 2018 and what the road ahead in 2019 for trends in employee recognition.
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  • Employee Recognition Ideas

    An ever growing list of quotes, ideas, book suggestions within over 100 ideas to recognize and reward your employees.
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  • Employee Recognition App Guide

    Learn from the big guys. Recognize took RFPs on employee recognition from Fortune 500 companies and compiled what they care about into this article.
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  • Habits of Top HR Managers

    15 creative ways to be a great human resources professional.
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  • Company Holiday Party & Year-End Staff Bonus Guide

    Learn what staff really want from employee benefits for holiday parties and end of year bonuses.
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  • You Better Recognize

    See if an official recognition program is right for your company.

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